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Forum posts for I have been vincedicated!

Posted by phduffy on Apr 02, 2004
Katie, I'm not sure how you feel this article vindicates you.

Despite it's tagline, this article was written by Dave Feschuk.
Feschuk is probably the second worst sports journalist working in Toronto today (Richard Griffin is the worst).

Feschuk actually thinks that Isiah Thomas did a good job. Isiah Thomas!
The man that stabbed Toronto in the back, only to have the team saved by Glen Grunwald!

I think Grunwald was a great guy, and it's cool that be became a Canadian citizen.
However, it was probably time for him to go....
The problem is that we don't know how many of the decisions were his. Some people say that he didn't want to hire Lenny Wilkens or Kevin O'Neil, but was forced to by management...

The thing with this year's Raptors team is that on their list of problems Vince Carter is like 5th.

You have:
A General Manager/Scouting Staff that have failed in the draft

A coach who has no clue. Seriously, I think KO might be the worst coach in the league. He plays favourites and has no idea of who to play and when, and he rides his players too hard.

Management (aka Richard Peddie) that's totally into the political BS that goes on. Peddie and O'Neil need to go. The sad part is that Peddie is also the VP of the Leafs, so the best thing for the Raptors would be for the Leafs to lose in the first round of the playoffs. Then Peddie wouldn't look very good.

No size. The Raptors get killed on the boards everynight. Their starting Power Forward (Donyell Marshall) prefers to play on the perimeter, so Bosh is the only player inside. And Bosh should be playing PF, not Center. This problem is made worse by KO's horrible coaching decisions, such as never playing Moiso, and his unholy commitment to Michael Curry. We're already seeing how beat down Marshall is, he's just not getting it done like he used to.

No point guard. The raptors start Alvin Wililams and Jalen Rose at PG, neither or whom is a point guard. Milt Palacio comes off the bench and is terrible. Rod Strickland is allright though.

Bad cap situation: Between Carter, Rose, Marshall and Williams, the raps have a lot of money tied up in the futre.

Carter: Doesn't seem to bring it every night. More importantly, the injuries have taken their toll, and he's just not as good as he used to be.

For this team to have any hope of doing anything, Richard Peddie and Kevin O'Neil need to get fired. If they don't, then we'll know that the new GM won't have enough power to do what he wants.

And what he should do is get a point guard and a centre. Get one through the draft and one through free agency (Miguel and I disagree about which is more important, but they could use both of them).
What he should not do is trade Carter. There isn't a trade out there that would land the Raptors equal value. (Steve Nash? Magloire? uhhh.. what? Carter for Nash insures lottery teams for the next 3 yeaers).

If the team gets a Center and Point Guard, then we can start to talk abotu Carter as a problem.

Posted by Katie on Apr 02, 2004
Paul, in your arguments against me and the article, you basically just restated every argument that the terrible sports writer made in the article.

How sad. You're losing your edge!

Dave Feschuk
Posted by Miguel on Apr 02, 2004
Isn't even worth the time it took me to write his name.

Although lately his articles have actually been readable, and not knee-jerk reactions of "GLEN GRUNWALD IS THE MASTERMIND OF ALL THE RAPTORS TROUBLES!!! HE IS AN INCOMPETENT FOOL HAKEEM OLAJUWON BLARG GLURB".

But saying Carter (whom, since he came back from his injury had been playing out of his mind, being voted player of the week a month ago) is the main problem with the Raptors is ridiculous.

Carter is definitely not the player he was in 2000-2001. I personally no longer think that he is franchise material. But MLSE is not looking to Carter only for what he brings on the court. Carter (and grunwald) brought respect and stability to a franchise that many said was going to leave Toronto after 1997-1998. Carter's popularity single-handedly put Toronto on the basketball map and brought respectibility to the Raptors.

Perhaps even more importantly, the Raptors are still in the top 5 in attendance solely due to Carter! This isn't even up for debate, despite an abysmal record for the past two seasons, 19 000 people still buy tickets to Raptors games (they may not attend though) on a regular basis BECAUSE OF VINCE CARTER. Get rid of him, and the Raptors would basically have to make the second round of the playoffs immediately to even dream of having the same kind of attendance.

Untill Carter is no longer a popular draw with fans (maybe if hes not leading vote getter in the All-Star game next season? But I bet you he is again) MLSE is not going to touch it!

I concur
Posted by Katie on Apr 02, 2004
Miguel, I would have to agree with you that Carter is probably the only reason that the Raptors have any kind of profile these days.

But I don't believe, and have never believed, that he is the player he has been hyped up to be.

My main reasoning is that he plays on a team, and yet plays as if he is the only player out there. Now, I haven't been watching much basketball lately as it bores me. But when I do watch, I get disgusted at his selfish way of playing. I KNOW that you will have some retort to that such as that is how the really great players play, as we've had this discussion before. So I would like to simply state my opinion, and DO NOT tell me that I'm wrong, as I'm not stating fact, I'm stating my opinion and it's impossible that my opinion is wrong.

Just to head off that argument.

And now, how in the world, unless I am some super basketball geek, and I supposed to know that one specific sportswriter is no good? To me the article was interesting, well written, and contained many opinions that match my own.

For example, I love Donyell Marshall and Chris Bosh. Although his neck is freakily long and skinny. But they're awesome players, and they seem to put more heart and effort into every minute of every game than Carter doesn in a month.

A lizard among us
Posted by Nerhael on Apr 02, 2004
His neck is long because he's a lizard.

Yes, that's right. I believe Chris Bosh to be, in reality, a lizard in a man's skin.

If you watch carefully, you'll notice the telltale lizard-like licking of his lips. A quick swipe of the tongue. Also to be noted is his eyes. They are not always looking in the same direction!! So yes.

Chris Bosh = Lizard Man 2004.

(Holy crap this friday is going slow.)

Posted by phduffy on Apr 02, 2004
Since Butch Carter was fired, the Raptors have had two coaches.

The offense plan of these two geniuses is Give the ball to Vince. Everyone else stand around, maybe set a pick for him.

I don't think it's fair to blame Vince for shooting too much when that's what he's asked to do.

Also, Vince Carter is currently setting career highs for assists, which doesn't really suggest that he doesn't pass enough.
If anything, I think he passes too much. His problem is that instead of driving, sometimes he'll take a jump shot, and sometimes he'll pass. He needs to drive!

I like Bosh and Marshall too, but let's be realistic. Marshall is completely out of gas. He tried hard when he got here, but now he has no energy left, so he can't shoot. Which is too bad, because he doesn't rebound either. Bosh routinely gets schooled on defense. Now, that's not entirely his fault, as he's only 19 and shouldn't be playing centre.
If you go to you can play around with some neat stats. One of which is stats per 48 min when the game is late and close. Vince is near the top of the league (if not the top) in those stats, which I think is kind of cool.

If you want to talk about one Raptor player that has heart, talk about Alvin Williams. He said he's rather play hard now and end up in a wheelchair then sit out for a while while his knees heal.

As for Feschuk, I know he sucks from
A) reading his columns
B) reading any Raptor message board. (realgm, raptorblog,, etc).

It's tough to figure out that a writer sucks after one column though.

Posted by Katie on Apr 02, 2004
Oh I'm sorry....but could you be a little more condescending please?

Anyway, you again reiterated exactly what Feschuk said in his column about Donyell, and sort of about Bosh.


Posted by phduffy on Apr 02, 2004
I was not being condescending in any way.

No where in the article you linked is there a mention of Donyell Marshall. Nor is there a reference to Bosh playing poor defence.

Fesfuck is saying that Grunwald needed to go and that Carter might be next.
I'm saying that Carter shouldn't (and probably won't) go anywhere, and that the coach is a much bigger problem then the GM, who probably had to go. I fail to see how I've basically just restated every argument that the terrible sports writer made in the article.