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Forum posts for I am a genius.

Posted by Palmer on Apr 01, 2004
You first 'self-proclaimed' genius.

Then we shall deem if you truly are a genius.

Posted by Katie on Apr 01, 2004
the thing is, I don't want to reveal too much.

But I will say this. I found a possible solution to a problem that many people have been thinking about for awhile.

In essence, it's possible that I answered the unanswerable.

I don't want to reveal people's personal details so I can't really say much more.

And I should give some credit to phduffy for his contribution. But really, it's all me.

Here's a hypothetical situation:

someone is looking for a job, and they have many qualities that would make them an excellent candidate for many jobs. However, over the years no job has seemed to fit properly, and so they haven't been taken. Finally, a job with possibly the perfect skill and personality requirements has been found by an outsider for this job seeker. Genius.

I have found a possible "job" for someone, and am in the process of arranging an interview for the job. It's an accomplishement of which I feel proud.

Your turn!

Posted by phduffy on Apr 01, 2004
I've been sending out advice for almost a year.

Therefore, I am a genius.

well.. i ain't no genius
Posted by alltogethernow on Apr 01, 2004
Ok here is something that happened to me today, it doesn’t qualify me as a genius but hopefully you will get some tips on how not to be stupid…

Not being stupid is the first step towards becoming a genius like Paul, or the more recently self proclaimed Katie…

So I am working diligently in my office (as per usual) I turn to my window (which has a wonderful view of the hallway outside my office)… and I see something move quickly past it, and I hear a sickening thud…

I run out to see what is going on and see a guy face down on our marble floor; his arms were at his side so apparently he hadn’t tried to stop himself. I roll him over and see it is one of our teachers. He is bleeding profusely from a deep cut on his chin… and seems to be unconscious…

I tell the reception staff to call 911 as up to that point they are sitting and looking…

I call his name a few times and he doesn’t respond, so I slap him and keep talking to him… and he wakes up a bit…

Someone gives me some paper towels to hold against his cut, because my hand is just not doing a great job of stemming the blood flow… (Just not absorbent enough)…

I keep talking to him and making him respond because between sentences he keeps passing out again… eyes rolling back into his head and stuff...

So I keep talking to him and holding his cut until the paramedics arrive…
They take over and do a great job… (Of course)

Now the problem was the large crowd of staff standing around….

I work at a school, so we told the staff to keep the students in the classroom until things were resolved… just so there wasn’t a huge amount of people standing around staring
What happened was all the other teachers told their classes to stay put…. But then they themselves decided the best course of action was to leave their classrooms and come to the reception area and stand around watching… getting in the way of the paramedics... and basically contributing nothing….

The teacher is currently at the hospital undergoing tests…
I hope he is ok…

My advice is this:
If for some terrible reason you are in a similar circumstance, standing around gawking, speculating about the reason for the accident/incident… doesn’t really help anyone, and can be done in other places besides the accident scene…
If you aren’t doing anything, or contributing in a positive manner, don’t bother hanging around... you can get the story later...


If someone you don’t know has bled all over your hands, hope to god that the gouge a terribly drunken Pete left in your hand has healed sufficiently….

So, work has been good-times so far today….

Posted by Palmer on Apr 01, 2004
Wait a second...Katie are you trying to say you found a job in the underwater basketweaving industry for me?