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Forum posts for Laundry Blues

I think
Posted by phduffy on Mar 31, 2004
that you need enough good pairs to get you though two weeks.
Plus, you need a couple of older ones that aren't so nice, so that when you get to the end of your two week cycle, and don't feel like doing laundry, or need something to wear on laundry day, you'll be safe.

ASIDE: I have a friend who told me that she has 35 pairs of underwear.

more underpants
Posted by bryan on Mar 31, 2004
as far as i know, (some) girls aren't even on the same planet when it comes to underwear stock. A girl i know has a 2 month supply. thats 60 pairs of underpants... The difference is utility vs. style i think, cause I dont really care what my underwear look like, whereas girls are all about the pretty flowers and such... im less likely to purchase underwear based on the "holy shit those look cool" factor (unless they have Batman on them or something) compared to a (some) girls, who shop based more on want then on need...

never enough!
Posted by weberm1 on Mar 31, 2004
ok, in my opinion, you can never really have too many pairs of underwear. maybe it is a girl thing, cause i always seem to want more. but think about it, where's the harm in having lots of underwear? you do laundry less frequently and you can always mix it up. i only have about 25 pairs, but i have been stopping myself from buying them lately, cause i could really go crazy with it.
why don't you guys just go commando?

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 31, 2004
Fear of the zipper.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 31, 2004
And girl's underwear can be expensive.

Like, boxer briefs cost more than I think they should. But whatever, 12 bucks for two pair at Winners, or 10 for 3 isnt' that bad.

Meanwhile, girls are paying 10 to 30 bucks each for pretty thongs.

Posted by weberm1 on Mar 31, 2004
not so sure that's what it is. i know a guy that does it every day and has never once taken the zipper. and i asked him because i was curious. it's just a matter of being slighly more careful i guess. and really, is a thin layer of cotton protect guys that much? couldn't you still get the zipper? i'm not sure, as i don't have a penis.
it appears i am learning some.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 31, 2004
If you catch the cotton, you're going to be in pain.

If you catch the skin, your penis is going to rip and leak blood everywhere.

ASIDE: I know a person that got a dude caught in her braces.

so true!
Posted by Katie on Mar 31, 2004
And she laughed and laughed as blood poured everywhere. I think it's fair to say the guy was freaking out.

I would have loved to have seen that.

Unfortunately, it was not me.

zippers and such..
Posted by bryan on Mar 31, 2004
a thin layer of cotton goes a long way, especially after a busy day at work. Which would you prefer, sensitive skin rubbing against the inside of jeans, or against that thin layer of cotton. i would equate it to wearing a mesh tshirt without a bra... (not that ive ever worn a bra)...

Free Flow
Posted by Palmer on Apr 01, 2004
Yeah, but the added bonus is you get some nice air circulation in there and you aren't as what if you rub up against the inside of your pants? The pros definitely outweigh the cons.

As for underwear, you should have the same amount of underwear that you do t-shirts.

I see Paris I see France
Posted by bigbirtha on Apr 06, 2004
I see a Skidder in Duff's underpants!