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Forum posts for Most disapointing movie of all time?

Posted by sarah on Mar 28, 2004
from hell had SO much potential.
also, not that it was the *most* disappointing movie of all time but i was quite unimpressed when i walked out of the theatre, once upon a time in mexico. desperado and el marchi = fantastic. maybe that is just me?

matrix 2
Posted by bryan on Mar 28, 2004
this movie had potential to be awesome, but it was

A) too long,
b) full of shoddy performances (Lawrence Fishburne, Keanu Reeves, Carrie Moss? think thats her name)

C) full of drawn out fight sequences where the outcome is already known... i mean, once you establish that Keanu has jesus-like powers inside the matrix, why bother having him fight 80 billion dudes in SUPER SLOW MOTION?

Posted by phduffy on Mar 28, 2004
I didn't think Once upon a time in Mexico was a bad movie, but it certainly could have been better.
I think Johnny Depp sort of sucks at picking movie roles..

I've already mentioned my views on the Matrix here, but I'll just say that I found the 3rd Matrix movie to be infinitely more disapointing than the second one.

a new level of suck
Posted by bryan on Mar 28, 2004
the second one disappointed me so much i didnt even bother with the third.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 28, 2004
I have to admit, I kind of liked the second Matrix.
I saw it twice, and the when i saw it for the second time I kept seeing all these things that I thought I'd missed the first time, and I thought I was getting lots of clues.

Now, the third movie didn't follow up on any of those, and I think you made the correct decision not to watch it.

But what gave you the unholy hatred for the second one?

Posted by bryan on Mar 28, 2004
Its been awhile since ive seen in, but here goes...

Well lets start with the acting...

Keanu Reeves was passable in the first matrix. but in the reloaded i felt like his character should have been a little less... confused. That seems to be the only emotion that i buy from keanu. he just seems to be walking confusion, not unlike vin diesel's angfusion acting...

Lawrence Fishburne was also passable in the first, as a sort of iconic figure who was had some truly fantastic information to share... but i just felt like his character was a little too mystic in the second... it seems like mr. fishburne based his whole performance on that one scene in #1 with the two pills... his performance in the second one kind of reminded me of that character in Mystery Men (the oracle i think) "if you doubt your powers, you give power to your doubts"


The action scenes inside the matrix didnt really give me any feeling danger or peril. you know he's the one, hes going to kick ass inside the matrix... im not saying dont show his awesome One like powers, just learn how to edit! I dont need a 10 minute scene showing him kick massive ass when the outcome is never really in question...
(i refer here to the hmm.. upgrades scene) and the highway scene... )

i think the movie had a great concept, but was just poorly executed...

Posted by phduffy on Apr 01, 2004
I like the Mystery men quote.
That's a good point about Morpheus.

Part of my problem with part 3 was that they didn't really spend much time in the Matrix.
And the Matrix is cool!

But I see your point.

Why did the Oracle tell him that he wasn't the one?

Being the one
Posted by Nerhael on Apr 01, 2004
Because he wasn't the one. I think it boiled down to someone real having to believe that he was the one. Self fulfillment. Ultimately, you can't be something unless you yourself believe it to be true.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 01, 2004
So, he wasn't the one at the time he visited the Oracle, but then he became the One later?

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 01, 2004
Well yeah, that's essentially what I'm saying.