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Forum posts for Alltogethernow's Asian Roundup

Yes yes ohhh yes
Posted by Miguel on Mar 25, 2004
Both of those are incredible, and I would definitely have put them in my "movies you haven't seen before" feature.

Audition in particular is, to me, one of the best horror movies released in the past 10 years. And Takahashi Miike is a director that does whatever the hell he wants, good taste and censors be damned.

And a certain Q. Tarantino has admitted that Kill Bill was heavily influenced by Miike's work.

Thats not to say that anyone who liked Kill Bill would like Miike's stuff. Audition is probably his most accessible movie, and it has a finale that a lot of people won't be able to handle. Audition is like The Cosby Show compared to Visitor Q or Ichi The Killer (the hooks through the skin/boiling oil combo comes to mind)

Posted by phduffy on Mar 26, 2004
There's nothing wrong with not liking Anime.

Different strokes for different folks and all that.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 26, 2004
Let me clarify.

It's no secret that I like sf books. (Call it science fiction, call it speculative fiction, whatever, I'm a fan).

Now, there are lots of folks out there that don't like them.
They may be more interested in character than plot or setting, for example, and sf tends to focus on plot (A Fire Upon the Deep) or setting (1984).

With that said, I'm convinced that if you like to read there's sf out there that you'll like. Maybe it'll be someone more literary like Delany or Wolfe or Willis, maybe it'll be a romantic type of SF like Bujold, maybe it's political sf like MacLeod. The point is, there's something out there that you'll like. It's not all Ray Guns and Rocket Ships.
With that said (v2.0), I don't fault people for not reading SF.
If it's going to take reading 10 sf books to find those 2 that you'll like, but you like 8 out of 10 mysteries, why would you bother?

Simalarly, I'm sure that there are romance novels that are well written that I'll like. And literary novels that are actually readable. I'm not going to start reading mass amounts of romance novels to find the small percentage that I'm going to like, as the genre don't appeal to me.

This is similar to my relation with anime. I'm sure that there's anime out there that I'd like, but I'm not going to wade through the countless hours of anime that I won't like, just to find a few good movies/shows. I'd rather be reading, or watching movies that have a better success ratio for me.

Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 26, 2004
that's what this review is for
you don't need to wade through countless hours of anime...

just watch spirited away...
i will do a top ten anime sometime soon...
most of the ones i will reccomend i am sure anyone can enjoy.. and you don't have to live near a hipster elitest movie store to find them...

check this one out.. if you don't like it .. i'll... well i'll stop reccomending anime... to you paul..

Posted by phduffy on Mar 26, 2004
I saw Spirited Away along time ago.

I even talked to your girlfriend about it.

Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 26, 2004
didja hate it?

Posted by phduffy on Mar 26, 2004
It's the best anime I've ever seen.

The question was
Posted by Miguel on Mar 26, 2004
Did you like it?

Posted by phduffy on Mar 26, 2004
The question was,
didja hate it?

Posted by Miguel on Mar 26, 2004
Then my question is, did you like it?

Posted by phduffy on Mar 26, 2004
I liked it.
Sort of a modern day Alice in Wonderland.

There were things about it that have annoyed me (some of which are things that have annoyed me about other anime films - this may be more due to the director though, as I'm thinknig of Akira and Princess Monoke).

Over all I'd give it a 7 or 8 out of 10.

Horror is another genre I'm not into. So it's kind of funny that these two movies are about the two movie genres I'm not a fan of.

Posted by Miguel on Mar 26, 2004
Glad you liked it. I also thought the movie had a very Alice in Wonderland like feel to it, the sense of being whisked away to a strange land that still had a skewed sense of the familiar to it.

Princess Mononoke is by the same guy, but not Akira.