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Forum posts for Best Video Games of all time? Each System

here's my picks
Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 23, 2004
Commodore 64 - Impossible Mission
NES - Super Mario 3 - not a cliche.. just a great game

Sega - WonderBoy

Genesis - Splatterhouse (first survival-horror?) dude walks around with a bone/sword/chainsaw and kills freaks.. good times for a 12 year old

SNES - Final Fantasy 2 - JUMP!!!1

N64 - Goldeneye - ah many a night spent with this game.. and a jug of chocolate milk... good times ... man we were geeks in highschool

PS1 - Symphony of the Night - maybe the best game ever???

PS2 - tie - Tekken4 / Grand Theft Auto: Vice City (much better than GTA 3... Scooters!)

GB - tie - QIX / Pokemon Red (catch them all damnit.. i know vivian did)

GBA - FF Tactics/Sword of Mana (the only ones i have played both are great!!!)

X-Box - Knights of the Old Republic

PC - tie - StarCraft/Diablo 2 (and PC game played 5-7 years after its inception has to be great)


*Game Cube - MARIO CART double dash - just fucking excellent

Those are my picks.. lets see what everyone else has to say.. some are NOT open to arguement.. and i'll beat you if you even try to tarnish their great name...

the list
Posted by Numinous on Mar 23, 2004
commodore 64 - commando
nes - super mario 2 three was good.... but it didnt have toad
sega - golden axe an old man with an axe three times the size of himself
will always get my vote
genesis - shinning force pick a number they all kick ass
snes - final fantasy 2 to this day I dare you to find a bigger fucker that kain
n64 - I will say goldeneye..... but good lord do I ever suck at it
ps1 - tie resident evil 2 raccon city needs a cleaning, and a shotgun is
the only broom you can find
- monster rancher 2 if there is anything better then an old man with
a huge axe.... its a golem arrowhead... fuck you pixie!
ps2 - tekken 4 dance dance dance!!!
gb - qix so simple..... so fucking hard!
gba - I will say ff tactics.. havent played it but might go buy one just so I
xbox - never played
pc - diablo 2 I am still playing this thing.
neo geo - samurai showdown swords are cool..... axes are better.... a
huge stone post cant be beat.
3DO - star control 2 "oh you beat this game...... FUCKING LIAR!!!"

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 23, 2004
C 64Park PatrolProblem with this one is it was so long ago, I almost need a list to really compare it well.
NESContraMany a day was spent playing this with my cousin. Aliens never died to as well coordinated a team.
SegaUmmmYou know...I'm not sure I've ever played original Sega..
GenesisNBA JamThis is about the only game I played on the system. No one I knew ever had one.
SNESFinal Fantasy 2I still remember renting it that first weekend it came out...amazing. Runners up goto Secret of Mana, and Chrono Trigger.
PS1Final Fantasy TacticsAwesome. Ogre Tactics was far more challenging though.
PS2XenoSagaThis is what I think I need as a mature gamer... Way more story than gameplay. Haven't really played much else on this system.
GBFinal Fantasy AdventureI just finished replaying this. Amazing. One of my favourite games of all time.
GBANothing yet.Have played like 2 games totalling like 20 minutes.
3D0Samurai ShowdownStarControl was good...but come on, mother-fucking ninja's???.
Game CubeMetroid PrimeWickedly awesome. I thought the first person perspective would suck, but was actually tolerable, and well done.
PCStarcraftI like Warcraft, but the memories of starcraft are just too many, and more memorable. "Build a secret base Pete. You need a secret base." (No elaborations on that comment please.)'s hoping all that formatting worked. Though it will eventually. Even if I have to go in and edit it. Blarg.

Posted by Miguel on Mar 23, 2004
Commodore 64- Never played it

NES-Super Mario 3

Sega - WonderBoy

Genesis - Warsong (SRPG known as Langrisser in Japan)

SNES - Final Fantasy 3

N64 - Goldeneye

PS1 - Tenchu

PS2 - Tekken 4

GB - Final Fantasy Adventure

GBA - Havent played enough

X-Box - Halo

PC- Leisure Suit Larry 3


Game Cube - Resident Evil 0

Atari - E.T

Quible Time!
Posted by phduffy on Mar 23, 2004
Okay, the preliminary votes have been tallied.

Now I will quibble.

alltogehternow - You put Impossible Mission as the best commodore game of all time. This might be the most frustrating game of all time. When I heard that idiot yell as he fell down yet another hole, I was tempted to throw the comp threw a window. I hope this is one I'm allowed to disagree with without getting my head bashed in. :)

Good call on Symphony of the Night. I loved Syphon Filter, but I never stayed up until 6 in the morning playing it.

Numinous - I would recommend getting a GBA, they're great. However, do not get one for FF Tactics.
You have at least two friends that own the game and don't like it. (I am one of them). If you buy a GBA, I will lend you Tactics for as long as you would like. I am not in agreeance with alltogethernow on this one, partly because I own Fire Emblem, and it's better than Tactics. So if Tactics isn't even the best Strategy game, it can't be the best game. IMHO. (Although FE is turn based).
I can't say QIX for the GB, cause I played it on the commodre.
Although, you know what game got played more than any other? Tetris.
I thought GoldenAxe was for Genesis? Or maybe I'm thinking of the sequels?

Miguel, controversial decision on the best SNES game! And are you joking abotu ET for atari? I can't remember if I've ever played it, but it's supposed to be the worst game of all time. One dude made it in 6 weeks.

Has anyone here played enough Xbox?

I think that in a couple of days, when the dust settles, it will be time to start on top 10's for all the systems.

Quibbletron 6000
Posted by Miguel on Mar 23, 2004
Yep, I remember being the only one who liked the 3rd one better than the 2nd. Maybe its because I played it first? So the nostalgia factor is way stronger for that one?

And the E.T thing is a total joke. I cant remember much for the Atari....but lets say Pong...or pitfall harry

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 23, 2004
I could see that having an efffect miguel. First true full bodied RPG experience perhaps?

Impossible Mission was awesome. "Get him my robots" in true Commodore 64 sound.

I haven't played much Xbox. But I do intend to rent Ninja Gaiden this weekend to play on my brother's. My coworker says it's sick.

Posted by Miguel on Mar 23, 2004
I just like how we're the only ones who are going to contribute to this. Awesome!

Posted by phduffy on Mar 23, 2004
Did anyone ever finish Impossible Mission?

Is it even possible?

Point taken DUFFY
Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 23, 2004
yeah Impossible Mission was possible to beat.. I never did.. mostly because i didn't own a commodore 64 but just went to the library to use one.. and played games that other library geeks had brought in....
I think jessica may have finished it... we'll see i'll ask her to post later.. she was really into early video games.. like no joke.. jumpman i think would be her fav...

i have played quite a bit of Xbox...
a guy i know has his moded .. and everytime i see him he is like
'OH MAN check out these sweet games i have'
Usually he has 10-15 on his system at a time..
EVERY TIME i have played each one in turn.. and found that they all sucked..... this scenario has happened on at least 4 or 5 occasions.. so i have played.. (perhaps not a lot) but maybe 50 - 60 xbox titles...

Exceptions to the rule of SUCKTITUDE

- Knights of the Old Republic
- Soul Calibur 2 (i played this on his xbox and almost gooed but then i found you can get it for the ps2.. so meh.. all the Xbox offers is SPAWN...)
- Crimson Skies (ass kicking crazy steampunk flight game.. a flight game that doesn't suck.. it's quite amazing.. )

Of the sucking games the worst was probably Marvel VS Capcom 8 or whatever.. NEVER HAVE I SEEN SUCH A DUMB GAME...
there is no fucking way you have any clue what the hell is going on at any given point.. just mash the buttons and hope to god your guys come up with some sort of massive energy cannon..

Only A Flying Robot Pilot could possibly pay attention to all the crazy lights and screams coming off the screen.. well a Flying Robot Pilot OR a 13 year old asian kid that rapes you at the arcade.. and you try to laugh about it but you just seem lame.. and old.. and skill-less

I hope you can see this
Posted by Miguel on Mar 23, 2004
Because I'm doing it as hard as I can....I'm giving you the rock on sign.

The x-box for me has been a large disappointment as well. It looks amazing, but the quality of games is just not there for me (gaiden sure looks purty though). That marvel game almost gave me seizures, and thats because of its sucktacity, its hellish maelstrom of blinking lights, flashes and animations just gave me a headache. And it was your friends favorite game!

Halo is good though, and I'm sure KOTR or whatever the acronym is good too. It just doesnt have enough of the sweet RPG crazy Jap awesometivety I love to suckle on the teat of.

If it doesnt have something like this on the cover or on the back screenshots:

Then its just not the kind of kickass, extremely awesomely violent videogame I want to be associated with.

Posted by Miguel on Mar 23, 2004
Rest assured that if you could see the picture that I had attempted to bring in, you would be choking on your puke from laughing so much.


Posted by bryan on Mar 24, 2004
Intellivision - Space Invaders - my first video game experience... hot stuff!

Commodore 64- ghost busters

NES-Final Fantasy - the first game i lost sleep to play

Sega - i think it was called operation wolf. you had a helicopter and you had to rescue hostages, not very good, but the best i can remember for master system

Genesis - skitchin' - it was bitchin'

SNES - Final Fantasy 3 - shadow. a man and his kickass dog. he owes allegiance to no one!

N64 - Zelda - ocarina of time

PS1 - final fantasy 7 - since its the only game ive really played for this system

PS2 - GTA 3 vice city: by a nose, just due to the fact that it had a band called love fist

GB - Tetris - one of the only games ive played for Game boy

GBA - Havent even seen one

X-Box - Halo - only game ive played for it

PC- Warcraft 2/DOOM: too many modem/high school network matches to pick a winner in this category

Neo Geo - SAMURAI SHOWDOWN <----- im stealing this from miguel, i think i remember this game as being amazingly awesome, if i even played it at all... but isnt it a street fighter 2 style fighter with with ninja/samurai type characters, and they all have different weapons( BO, sword, etc)

Game Cube - Super monkey ball 2: once again, only game ive played for this system

arcade - XMEN - the big one with all the different mutant options... oh yes... so many quarters....

Posted by bryan on Mar 24, 2004
Im changing my sega genesis pick to michael jacksons moonwalker.

Michael jackson saving the children, who all seem to be blonde haired girls in cheerleader outfits, stopping bad guys with his "magical" dance moves, and at the end through the sheer power of his own will he turns into a giant robot that can fly and shoot lasers out of its eyes. and just when you think its done, BAM! michael's space battle plane... A SPACE BATTLE PLANE!!! plus... midified versions of all your favourite jackson hits.

Don't Forget
Posted by Palmer on Mar 24, 2004
Turbo Grafix 16 - Bonk's Adventure

As for whoever mentioned Super Mario 2 as the best NES game out there...shame, SHAME ON YOU!


Commodore 64- Summer Games

NES- Mega Man III (the introduction of...aww crap, what was Mega Man's bro's name?)

SNES - Does Mario All-Stars count? I believe that may be cheating...Chrono Trigger

N64 - Goldeneye

PS1 - Chrono Cross

X-Box - Knights of the Old Republic

PC- Diablo 2

arcade - Street Fighter 2

Atari - ET (YES, there was an ET was the coolest!)

Posted by Polfuss on Mar 24, 2004
For me the best game on the Genesis was Pirates Gold. This game was fucking great, I mean who doesn't want to be a pirate?

limb by limb
Posted by nszyngie on Mar 26, 2004
Sorry, been away for a while. Couldn't resist this post . . .

Commodore 64 - Zaxon
Sega - Alex Kidd in Miracle World
Genesis - Altered Beast
SNES - Street Fighter II (too many bets waged on the outcome of this game)
N64 - Goldeneye
PS1 - Colin McRae Rally 2.0
PS2 - GTA: Vice City
GB - Skate or Die
GBA - Pokemon (I really don't know . . . never played)
X-Box - Ninja Gaiden (so I have heard. Else, Colin McRae 04)
Intellivision - Baseball
Atari - Asteroid
PC - Call of Duty
Neo Geo - Bonk's Adventure? (the only one i could remember. Goota bust out the Consumer's Distributing catalogue to jog memory of more titles.

For the record, I too have Michael's Jackson's Moon walker - it was in the bargain bin at Canadian Tire! How could I not buy it for 10 dollars. The MIDI music alone was worth the price of admission.

Posted by nszyngie on Mar 26, 2004
Hell, I would even vote for Jedi Knight Outcast (or something) for XBox and or PC. It was helladumb for XBox, cause the controls sucked big turds. But it was a good game all the same. Call of Duty rocks the kazbah though.

Posted by Miguel on Mar 26, 2004
I think there is some confusion regarding the Neo-Geo

I have never ever played a neo geo. I don't even know anyone who has ever had one because It cost like 600 dollars and it was basically a home arcade system. It specialized in fighting games like Samurai Showdown.

But the Samurai Showdown we played was for Numinous' 3DO system right?

Thats why I went along with it and said Neo Geo-Samurai Showdown. But I think King of Fighters is more widely regarded as the better game for it.

And nszyingie, Bonks Adventure was for the short lived Turbo Grafix 16. The one that had 2 8 bit processors and called itself a 16 bit system like the genesis or snes. It started before those two but folded quickly after the nintendo and sega released their stuff. Bonk was a great game though.

And I know all this, and am making a point of releasing it because I am a gigantically gay loser/nerd the truth is important goddammit!

Posted by Miguel on Mar 26, 2004
And Katie's votes goes like this:

nintendo: TIE Tetris/Super Mario 3

All Other Systems: Tetris

I think thats right.

Neo Geo
Posted by Nerhael on Mar 26, 2004
I'd never played one either. IT was a 3DO that we played Showdown on all the time.

Tetris = good times.

I believe you forgot one:
Posted by Katie on Mar 26, 2004
I do recall telling you that I also enjoyed playing some other video games:

It was on the Coleco Vision "system"

and I believe that my favourites were the Cabbage Patch, and Strawberry Shortcake games.

Although I also frequently played Donkey Kong Jr. and Smurfs.

But Tetris does rule.

But Katie
Posted by Nerhael on Mar 26, 2004
Didn't you enjoy that party? That "Mario" party?

Well, you have half a point...
Posted by Katie on Mar 26, 2004
you're right Pete, I did enjoy that game.

But I don't believe, to truly say that you enjoy a game, that you can be under the influence of temporarily illegal (and other legal) substances at the time of playing said game.

So for me to truly say that I enjoyed it, I would have to play it and have fun while sober.

Please remind me not to pass this website on to the people that I work with!

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 26, 2004
One of my co-workers know of it, the others don't. My younger brother follows it now and then I think, but rest of family isn't aware of it.

I think that's best all in all.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 26, 2004
Miguel, you are correct.

Samurai Showdown was the best game for whatever system it was that Schaus had.

My mom reads this site all the time.
She might be reading now.

Hi mom!

Posted by phduffy on Jan 19, 2007
Guitar Hero