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Forum posts for Creation Science Fair 2001

the winner?? Check out #2!
Posted by Katie on Mar 22, 2004
Apparently social sciences show that the wages for women workers are lower than for normal workers, meaning that they are unable to work as well and thus earn equal pay; and exegetics shows that God created Eve as a companion for Adam, not as a co-worker.


I just don't know how to respond to that. But it hurts me deep inside.

This is from the project titled "Women were designed for homemaking". Thank you Jonathan Goode for your horrible horrible science fair project.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 22, 2004
Eileen Hyde and Lynda Morgan (grades 10 & 11) did a project showing how the power of prayer can unlock the latent genes in bacteria, allowing them to microevolve antibiotic resistance. Escherichia coli bacteria cultured in agar filled petri dishes were subjected to the antibiotics tetracycline and chlorotetracycline. The bacteria cultures were divided into two groups, one group (A) received prayer while the other (B) didn't. The prayer was as follows: "Dear Lord, please allow the bacteria in Group A to unlock the antibiotic-resistant genes that You saw fit to give them at the time of Creation. Amen." The process was repeated for five generations, with the prayer being given at the start of each generation. In the end, Group A was significantly more resistant than Group B to both antibiotics.

That makes me sick....

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 22, 2004
It's all making me sick....

It hurts me to see kids brought up to believe this kind of bullshit.

Posted by Miguel on Mar 22, 2004
Im not sure...but im 150% sure that whole site is a joke. Can't you see that they are dicking around and being sarcastic??

The creationist science fair? That would be the one where the winner showed his uncle off and proved he isn't descended from a monkey because he refused to eat a banana.

Come on guys, this is just like the kittens in a jar gag site.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 22, 2004
Looking around, this there doesn't seem to be a Richard Paley. There is a William Paley who was a priest in the 18th century.

I'm not sure what's worse, that we got taken in, or that it's so easy to believe and accept the possibility of people that extreme.

i'm not so sure
Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 22, 2004
i am not so sure this IS a joke.. look around at the rest of the site..
if it IS a joke.. why put legitimate links.. too all things crazy christian?

it has a link to Zounds for Christsakes.. i think that should be enough..
i dunno.. but i don't think this is a joke

even if it is.. i bet you can find a completely legit site just like this...
without any trouble.. creationists abound..

Posted by Miguel on Mar 22, 2004


Posted by Miguel on Mar 22, 2004
Creationist fundies are hilarious, and no doubt you could find real sites with tons of loony ideas to ridicule.

But please don't be offended or disgusted with something created to get a laugh or maybe even to trick people.

Also, as Nerhael said there is no Richard Paley and there definitely isn't any Fellowship University.

Posted by bryan on Mar 22, 2004
i found the link in the back of popular science, and the reason its in there is because a bunch of science types couldn't tell if it was real or not. It is so absurd that it could be a joke, but when you look at some of the other EXTREEM fundamentalists out there, ( it seems more plausible that it could be real.

hot damn
Posted by bryan on Mar 22, 2004
i had no idea people had that much time on their hands:

if they spent that much time creating those sites, i would imagine the creation science fair one wouldn't be too much more effort.

whoa! Time for separate corners....
Posted by Katie on Mar 22, 2004
at least for Miguel.

You need to cool down a little. You're always very insistent that sites are a joke, or that people on tv shows know how horrible they are and are only camping it up for the camera. It is not always so.

There is no more reason to believe, at first glance, that this site is credible than there is to believe that it's fake. Maybe if you have the time to research it you can find out the truth, but the real truth is that you need to simmer down and let people freak out if they so desire.

Don't worry, they'll get embarassed if and when the time is right. But there is no need to shove their gullibility down their throats.