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Forum posts for Gay Marriage

hawkity hawk hawk hawk
Posted by phduffy on Mar 18, 2004
I was meaning Canada.

Forgiving debts to the third world is very progressive. It also has nothing to do with libeterianism. Which I think I just spelled wrong.

Same sex marriage is probably libetarian. Either that or getting out of the marriage business all together. I don't agree with libetarians on lots of things, but I pretty much agree with them on this.

They would call in a civil union.
That's what they have in Vermont.

Dogity dog dog dog
Posted by phduffy on Mar 18, 2004
cosmicfish, I think that the problem with posting this is that there are very few (if any) people on this board that are against gay marriage. So there's less controversy.

Personally, I wouldn't have a problem if the government started givign civil unions to everyone, and only churches could marry people, but I understand why some people get upset at that.

I'd also be willing to accept civil unions for homosexuals for now, as it's only a matter of time before gay marriage is allowed, and this is a good foot in the door.

polfuss, where are you? Defend your conservative leaders that are against gay marriage! Stir it up!

fuck off
Posted by Katie on Mar 18, 2004
are those titles supposed to mean something?

If so please explain. Because they are getting really annoying.

Katity kate kate kate
Posted by phduffy on Mar 18, 2004
Now, you had to know that saying that was just an invitation for trouble, right?