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Forum posts for Spain is pulling out troops from Iraq

tockety tock tock tock
Posted by phduffy on Mar 17, 2004
The reason I haven't posted anything here is because I'm basically uninterested in the politics of other countries. Sometimes I pay attention to the US primaries and stuff, but not so much anymore. I find Canadian politics interesting enough. Although there's lots of people who figure that the States is so important to Canada that we should listen to them, or that we live in a global village, so we should pay attention to everywhere. I understand that view, I just don't practice it.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 17, 2004
This actually relates to something I was going to ask you.

If you go to school for economics, you'd focus on micro then rather than macro?

Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 17, 2004
nothing happens in a vaccuum.. 'cept for canadian politics... lol

Posted by phduffy on Mar 17, 2004
In your first semester everyone takes the same thing. A Macro, a Micro, econometrics... You get to pick electives in second semester. Micro appeals to me more. It's more obscure, so I won't be expected to know things at social gatherings, and I find it more interesting. But I could go internation econ, finance, etc. No decisions have been made. I also have to decide on co op.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 18, 2004
I didn't say that Canadian polictics happen in a vacuum.