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Forum posts for US Policy of keeping jobs in Country

Posted by phduffy on Mar 12, 2004
That's pretty much the policy of every country in the world.

I think in order to work there you need a sponsor. ie, the company that's hiring you.

And then they'll say why they needed you. I know that sometimes wrestlers (Canadian, MExican, Japanese) have a struggle to get in. They usually get in, but it can take them longer than they had planned.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 12, 2004
Now do they have any policies on the opposite situation? I remember reading that some governor wanted to introduce legislation that banned hiring telemarketers from other countries to service the US.

Or at the least, if a Canadian calls a US person, they had to state that they were calling from Canada, and ask if they'd like to speak to a US representative.

I assume that nothing like this exists for any industry?

Posted by phduffy on Mar 12, 2004
Most of what I know is just anecdotal. I dont' know any stats or legislation.

But I know that lots of companies use call centres out of country. At GM we handled American calls, and I know some companies use India.

I can't see legislation like that ever passing though. The US can be pretty protectionist sometimes, but that's so against their trading policies that it seems unlikely. Plus, I doubt that call centre employees have a strong union.

Posted by kris on Mar 13, 2004
I think that it can be true. Canada did it not so long ago. I think the last time that the Immigration Act was changed was in the late 70's (please don't quote me on that....I have to go back to my books). Before this, due to World War II there was a big Nazi and Fascist scare (Japanese, Italians, etc), which then led to the Red (socialism) scare. And so, Canada decided to implement a law that didn't allow any immigrants in that did not have skills to offer, and if they were let in, they had to be sponsored by a company or family member.

Now, in Canada, they're actually encouraging immigration due to the decline in the birth rate. There aren't that many stipulations on who they let into the country anymore. Which is probably why the US was so quick to point their fingers at us for having such loose borders.

As for whether or not the US has implemented this new immigration law, I wouldn't put it past them. They seem to be having a big problem with Cubans and their automatic citizenship. "True" American citizens are saying that because Cubans (and Mexicans) keep on jumping thier borders and declaring themselves as refugees and what not, all their jobs are being taken. I don't think that the US will change its policy on Cuban refugees though.... I don't really know what to say now....I'm confusing myself...and so I will stop....the end.

one more thing...
Posted by kris on Mar 13, 2004
I was watching the news this morning while I was at the gym so I don't know if I heard this correctly....

Is it true that Bush has implemented flash visas for mexicans? Some card that will allow them 72 hour passage without being fingerprinted, so they can shop, do business, and visit family freely? Supposidly, this new method of keeping "undocumented workers" out of the country.

Something was also said about sureveys being done to figure out which jobs there are in the US that American citizens do not want. When the survey is done, they'll end up giving those jobs to the immigrants...

I don't know for sure....anyone know anything about this?