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Forum posts for piano mario music

attn pete
Posted by vivian on Mar 11, 2004
why don't my links ever work?
does it have to do with Safari/OSX?

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 11, 2004
You need a carriage return before your link.

The regex needs a space on either side of the link to recognize it....I'd fix it...but I'm too lazy to figure out how right now.

Just edit it and add a hard return before the link.

Posted by vivian on Mar 11, 2004
i tried to edit it but i'm getting this error message

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/pete/public_html/Site.php on line 170

Try again
Posted by Nerhael on Mar 11, 2004
Think I fixed it.

Posted by weberm1 on Mar 11, 2004
this was fantastic! and i showed some people at work who also thought it was a goodness.

question, how did he learn how to play that? exactly where do you find that info, on the net?

Gimme a hell yeah!
Posted by Miguel on Mar 11, 2004

I, I NEED this kid at my party! Any party!

Play castlevania next! Nonono Street Fighter!

Posted by vivian on Mar 12, 2004
some people can just listen to a song and figure out the notes to it.. i doubt there is sheet music for videogame music? actually, you can probably find it on the internet.

as sad as it sounds, my older brother used to figure out how to play videogame songs on the piano... they weren't quite as involved as this kid's ... but still...

Posted by Palmer on Mar 15, 2004

I just found guitar tabs for video games...wicked! Next time you see me, I shall be a video game music machine!

On a sidenote...check out the band MiniBosses...they cover classic vid game tunes...

As for piano sheet *must* be out there!

Posted by Palmer on Mar 15, 2004

holy god
Posted by vivian on Mar 15, 2004
i just took a look at the sheet music.. i can totally play this..

somebody gey me a fucking keyboard or piano.. NOW

thank you for posting the link..