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Forum posts for umm.. i'm not sure what this is

Posted by phduffy on Mar 04, 2004
alltogethernow forgot to put the last part of the conversation::::::

.:*I love you. Yes you.*:.

Hey, wanna cyber now?

the baron munchausen says:
Yeah, okay.

.:*I love you. Yes you.*:.
Cool.... I've got a really slim figure and big breasts...

the baron munchausen says:
Hey, that sounds allright...

.:*I love you. Yes you.*:.
I'm taking of my top... what about you?

the baron munchausen says:
Actually, I'm just getting out my robe and hat

.:*I love you. Yes you.*:.
Oh yeah? That makes me so hot

the baron munchausen says:
Yeah, and I found my wand in the pocket

.:*I love you. Yes you.*:.
I like that... is your rod hard for me?

the baron munchausen says:
Well it's always hard, it's made of wood. I'm thinking about reversing your love spell.

.:*I love you. Yes you.*:.
I'm under your spell... let's go... I'm taking off my pants

the baron munchausen says:
I'm casting level 4 reverse love on you. Then I cast level 9 beard growth on myself. I want to look like Gandalf.

.:*I love you. Yes you.*:.
This isnt' as hot as I thought it was going to be. Tell me how you're going to use your wand!

the baron munchausen says:
Well, I'm going to go to fucking Hogwarths and kick all their asses. Fucking limey pricks. Hey, do you think Gandalf trained there?

.:*I love you. Yes you.*:.

the baron munchausen says;
I don't really think that he did, cause he's already way beyond anything that fraud Dumbeldorf could teach him. Gandalf makes Dumbeldorf his little bitch. Shit, I'll bet Dumbeldorf couldn't even tie Gandalf's shoes. He fights pussy trolls, GAndalf is out there whopping orc ass! And he fuckign died and came back! The Passion of GAndalf Mother Fucker~!!!!

.:*I love you. Yes you.*:.

well well
Posted by Numinous on Mar 04, 2004
I would have to say this is something........ yes it is something for sure......
but what the hell it is I have no idea....
I will load the bong and ask lady bubbles and we will get back to you

Oh yeah...
Posted by phduffy on Mar 05, 2004
I forgot about this part:

the baron munchausen says:
Now, that's waht I'm fucking Tolkien about!!!!*

*Thanks to for the inpspiration behind my two posts.

so silly
Posted by Katie on Mar 05, 2004
did you get the email of this person? It would be interesting to see if anyone on this site recognizes the address.

I vote that it is something. Can anyone really be that random without trying??

Posted by mike on Mar 05, 2004

I AM the baran munchausen!
Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 05, 2004
katie the email for 'i love you yes you'


anyone know them... i hope not.. i was screwing with them... but i think they liked it...!!!1

Posted by krys on Mar 05, 2004
i am sure this is something..
i am so confused..
it's awesome.
good job.

Posted by crux on Mar 05, 2004
i'm quite sure that the best course of action would be for everyone to add this person to their MSN contact list immediately. then when they ask who you are, insist that it was them who added you. continue to argue with them about it until they lose all interest. and, done.

hmm, perhaps they're monitoring this channel. i think it may be in our best interest to shut down, and re-group in a more secure location.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 01, 2004