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Forum posts for Colin McRae 04

Posted by phduffy on Mar 04, 2004
What is this, some sort of Golf game?

Posted by nszyngie on Mar 04, 2004
It is a rally game . . . driving simulation.


for the Sport (FIA) homepage

Posted by Miguel on Mar 04, 2004
You must be one of 14 North American guys who actually likes rally games. I have a cousin in Portugal who is obssessed with them (Portugal has some incredible rally courses....or so I'm told).

As for me....meh.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 04, 2004
There's also one chick that likes them.

Making 15 people in total that love rally games.

fair enough
Posted by nszyngie on Mar 04, 2004
yeah, that may be so . . . i am cool with that. Then i can call it my own.
I love em!
But hey, if it is not so popular, then why do Gran Turismo 3 (and 4 presumably) have rally courses?

Posted by Miguel on Mar 04, 2004
A good question, and one I have debated for countless years.

My guess is that Gran Turismo is a Japanese (Jap to the layman) game and the Japanese love racing, and rally racing in particular. And rally racing is huge in Europe so the game would also do well there. As for us in North America? We like Gran Turismo for its city courses, incredible custom options and smooth menthol taste.

Posted by nszyngie on Mar 04, 2004
Yeah, you're on to something there. It is a game marketed worldwide, so it needed mass appeal. Still, the rally portion of the game needed some work, but judging by the screen shots for GT4, I am going to have to install coodge wipers on my television, or I won't be able to see the track for the protein stains . . .

Rally Racing
Posted by Nerhael on Mar 04, 2004
Is awesome.

Wickedly awesome.

My bro has some rally game for Xbox, just some no name one I think, and it was amazing how good handling felt. Best I've ever seen in a racing game.

Ah.. actually guys...
Posted by phduffy on Mar 04, 2004
Grand Turismo sucks.

So does Project Gotham.

And Need for Speed. (Although the one where you run from the cops might be decent).

The key to good racing games is:

No need to ever use the break.

The ability to shoot things. Spy Hunter comes to mind here.

Oh yeah, you also need cute characters.

Basically, the only game you need to play in the original Mario Kart.

From what I understand, the new one also rocks it.

Has anyone placed the new SpyHunter or F Zero?

Posted by phduffy on Apr 01, 2004
If by break you mean brake.