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Forum posts for Spots

i feel GREAT...!
Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 04, 2004
the best by far is the nutribar commercial...
now thats funny...

Posted by phduffy on Mar 04, 2004
That one was the best. I liked the Nintendo one and the raisan bran ones too.

My question is, what are these? Are these commercials that the company made to screw around? Internal types of things? Real commercials????/asdfasdfasdfadsf

Posted by nszyngie on Mar 04, 2004
my guess is that they were ads commisioned by the respective companies, and just never aired. i think that must happen lots. they pay for something, then screen teh finished product and the test audiences don't react. plus, they are pretty long - take the starbucks one for example! Tell me you didn't yawn! LIAR!

Lordy Lordy
Posted by Miguel on Mar 04, 2004
If I saw that nutrigrain ad on real television I would just explode like a megaman bad guy.

The nintendo one was good too, if only because of the ridiculously stereotypical accent on the narrator.

Posted by vivian on Mar 04, 2004
YEAAAHHHh... babies EVERYYyYYwhere... !

That woman....
Posted by Nerhael on Mar 04, 2004
Is fucking scary....her face in the last scene makes me think she's about to give birth to a Carnosaur or something....