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Forum posts for TV doesn't all suck!

Posted by Miguel on Feb 27, 2004
Trailer Park Boyzzz: I think it was Ricky, when he was on trial for one of the many crimes he committed, he turns to the judge and goes "Your majesty, these accusations....." priceless.

Six Feet Under
Posted by Nerhael on Feb 27, 2004
The show doesn't revolve around the life of someone that just died. It's a show in which someone always dies at the start, and it's about the lives of the characters in the show during the funeral process of said individual. Sometimes the dead character and his/her family are used as plot devices, but not always, and to various degrees.

I believe it's a great show personally. Give it a shot.

Fair enough
Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2004
Shows what I know about the show I guess.

I still don't find the funeral home setting very appealing, but I may have to give it a second shot.

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 27, 2004
Never watched The Office.

Curb your enthusiasm, didn't care for what I saw too much, but then, I never really cared a whole lot for Seinfeld either. Oh, people always do this, it's a funny quirk of a lot of people, let's talk about it, now it's funnier. Bleh. I also blame the show for making the double dip some kind of sin. Holy fucking grade 3 cooties mentality.

Da Vinci Inquest, there an association to The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown?

I don't believe I've seen any of other others in the 5 actually, just Curb

I agree.
Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2004
Yeah, I agree about the double dip. I don't even believe people that tell me they were against it before Seinfeld. (And at least one of those people reads this board... sorry baby!).

Yeah, if you didn't like the George parts of Seinfeld, you probably wouldn't like Curb. It's just him being a prick. If you don't find that funny, stay away.

Da Vinci's inquest is not in any way related to The Da Vinci code. It has nothing to do with Leonardo Da Vinci. It just happens that the main character has that as a last name.

You forgot the following:
Posted by mike on Feb 27, 2004
Some of it is order, but most of it has no particular order.

Most Extreme Elimination Challenge
Monster Garage
American Chopper
Samurai Jack
Robot Wars
Family Guy
Star Wars Clone Wars (the cartoon shorts)

No laugh tracks. You have to think about… oh… approximately jack shit. There is usually only a moral to the story in two of the above.

In fact these shows are usually so fundamentally excellent that I am quite comfortable not having to explain myself on any of them. I am also aware that 5 of them could classify as reality TV, but clearly shouldn’t be lumped in with that shit pile because reality TV can kiss my ass.

As an aside Monster House and American Hotrod can also kiss my ass.

Honourable mentions:

History Bites (Bytes? I don’t know)
Justice League
X-men Evolution
Spongebob Squarepants
Yu-Gi-Oh! (for Gord)

Actually most of those honourable mentions are just what gets watched on Saturday mornings during the starting of Saturday (or shaking off the effects of Friday night, how ever you want to look at it) ritual.

Actually I will explain American Chopper. Orange County Choppers is excellent. It reminds me of “discussing” matters with my Dad and Grandfather at the shop. And the nonsensical control freak ravings of Paul Tuttle Sr. is almost too good to be true. When he gets so angry that he can’t even talk properly it is good times:
“You’s… You’s… You’s guys is just pissin’ me off today…”

Door Slamming.
Posted by mike on Feb 27, 2004
I have never, ever, seen as many doors get slammed as in American Chopper.

more greatness.
Posted by weberm1 on Feb 27, 2004
ok, just to add a few of my own.
1) the oblongs. this cartoon is great, you have a dad with no feet or arms that can still drive and function normally. the mom is a nympho, they have conjoined twins and their daughter has a dildo growing out of the top of her head. This show is funny stuff, i highly recommend it. The family lives in the 'valley' which is contaminated with nuclear waste from all of the rich people on the hill. hilarious.
2) the O.C. Now i know this show has been discussed here before, so i won't say much. just a current day Beverly Hills 90210, with funny characters and more realistic story lines, I guess.
3) Degrassi, the new generation. Ok, all of you can feel free to laugh here. Truth of the matter, i still love this show, and it still has some original characters on as parents. fantastic!

8pm Sunday Night...
Posted by kristian on Feb 27, 2004
Paul, you said "what else do you have to watch 8pm Sunday?" How about a little show I like to call THE BEST FUCKING SHOW ON EARTH, The Simpsons. C'mon now.

I agree, my top tens were mentioned by a few people. MXC, hilarity. Family Guy, puts up a good fight with The Simpsons. TPB, there's a shit storm blowing in Randy, you'd better pull in the jib or it'll get all covered in shit. I think Ricky is an AWESOME actor, for real. Either Rob Wells really is that guy, or he deserves some Emmy's because it would be hard to act that stupid so convincingly. American Chopper, Paul Sr. cracks me up, he's so intense.

Another cartoon to add...Crips. It's about a bunch of physically disabled people. One guy is just a head (he's an amputee). It is so not PC and it's very funny, though I've only seen it once or twice. Also caught the Power Puff (or is it Powder?) Girls, and they have this hilarious villan named Mojo Jojo that is definitely worth checking out.

Knock Knock
Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2004
Who's there?

A dumb fucking drunk trailer park supervisor who used to be a cop, but he's a drunk, so now he just stumbles around the trailer park like an asshole.

Posted by Palmer on Feb 27, 2004
Don't forget Undergrads...classic Teletoon stuff there.

Did you guys know Bubbles used to be the guitarist for Sandbox? One of my friends wrote to him while he was in the band and I said "Why bother doing that? All he's going to amount to is some guitarist in a band!" (not that this is a bad thing!)...foot has now entered my mouth

Question for Mike
Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2004
Mike, I've heard mixed things about Enterprise.

Where would you put in on the Spectrum?

Most of the criticisms are that they do stuff on that show that they couldn't possibly do, based on the future shows. But that's not the thing that usually bothers me, unless it's really obvious.

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 27, 2004
Don't forget Clone High. It is Canadian and I think they only made five episodes or something but if you ever get the opportunity to watch this show - TAKE IT! It is hilarious and awesome. It's up there with Samurai Jack, Astro Boy and Undergrads - almost as funny as The Family Guy.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 29, 2004
I can't believe how many people love the cartoons.

Apparently cartoons are kicking ass.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 01, 2004
Yeah, Samurai Jack is just amazing. It's very not like typical kids cartoons. There's often little dialogue, and long scenes of just sweeping landscape. I can only assume it survives due to the ass kickings delt out by Jack.

Clone high is funny. Just awesomely stupid funny. The episode with the skunk is just so randomly stupid, it brings new levels to cartoon hilarity.

Others I enjoy:

Filmore. Disney cartoon set in an elementary school, where the 'hall monitor' group is setup like a police force. It's on 9 in the morning saturdays on ABC I believe. I miss it a lot due to it's time slot, being hungover and all that most Saturday mornings. But its sometimes worth the effort to wake up for it.

The only other one I've watched a few times that's pretty good is Teen Titans, which can be pretty good as well. It also has awsome Jpop theme music by Puffy AmiYumi. It's excellent.