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Forum posts for NOT Executive Order 9066

By Jove!
Posted by Miguel on Feb 26, 2004
That was some topnotch work!

Asian cinema is kicking all sorts of ridiculous ass right now. And its not just the old stalwarts of Hong Kong and Japan. Punkish upstart Korea surprised in the world cup and is now mesmerizing cinephiles all over the world with movies like JSA, volcano high and Nowhere to Hide. And mainland china is doing some amazing stuff as well.

For Gods Sakes everyone needs to watch Hero and Infernal Affairs. And we need to get out hands on that horror flick where the girl was blind but then got an eye operation and shit starts to go down.

Posted by vivian on Feb 26, 2004
nice post dude [ALL LOOK SAME]

miguel: i think seth has that blind girl movie on his computer? it was pretty good.. i can't remember what it was called

trevor where are you guys? we keep calling, but no one is there *tears up*