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Forum posts for Top 10 cheap eats in Toronto

Posted by phduffy on Feb 23, 2004
I don't know anything about where to eat in TO, I just like that you wrote:

"I like to eat out... unless my girlfriend.... "


Posted by Miguel on Feb 23, 2004

Speaking of cryptic...I don't get the humour here.

Is it a play on eating out?

Oh dear.
Posted by phduffy on Feb 23, 2004
Miguel, don't you see how HI-Lariously funny my lame joke is!!1111!!

You were talking about eating out, but not if your gf is there!/asdfa!!!!!!

You should have phrased it differently though, it would have lead to more comedy, the way you said it wasn't very clear.

Some times I am gold.

Some times I am Lame.

Perhaps I have been by myself in a small town for too long.

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 24, 2004
Now I miss tasty Toronto more...!
Posted by kris on Feb 24, 2004
Miguel - I haven't been to the Salad King in a while. I heard that they rennovated the upper level and named it after the owners wife, Linda. Its supposidly more swanky and upscale.... wider selection on the menu, but also more expensive.

Another great Thai restaurant - The Green Mango. There's a take-out restaurant beside the Brass Rail, and accross the street there's the dinning part. Great Curry Pumpkin soup.

Jamaican restaurants - aside from the BEST Jamaican food that can be found in T.O. (besides my mothers kitchen) can be found on Eglinton (trying to remember specific intersections).... Mr. Jerk, Randy's Patties, Jamaican Jerk House.....

not "cheap"
Posted by Katie on Feb 26, 2004
but not too expensive either.

Hair of the Dog. I have been there several (5) times, over the course of about 3 years, and have never once been in the least disappointed. They have a good beer selection, they offer wine pairing suggestions right on the menu, and their food is delish!

I feel so confident about it that I often recommend it to others, and know many people who have become fairly regular customers.

Their menu has comfort food, traditional pub food, and higher end fair, and nothing is bad! Their nachos are amazing, mostly due to the chip itself. Some kind of air puffed tortilla that is incredibly tasty and flaky. I have had fish there several times and it's always perfectly cooked with good sides, and the waiter that I had last time swore by their jambalaya. I think Miguel had this once. They also offer vegetarian dishes....there's something for everyone folks!

It's on Church, north of Carleton, and has friendly service and a pretty cool atmosphere. Definitely the place to go for a nice dinner, good date place. And although people consider this a "gay" area, I've never felt like I stood out as a straight person, mostly because everyone is very friendly.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 26, 2004
Due to the popularity of this article, I may have to post my own top ten restaurants.

Is the Wolfshack ready for the top ten restaurants in Hanover thread?

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 26, 2004
I'd love to see such a review actually. Would be interesting.

Posted by Palmer on Feb 26, 2004
I feel a trip to one of these places has to take place this weekend...

Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 26, 2004
let me put forth the assertion that hanover has NO good restaurants
(*ten-der pizza is the only possible exception even cravings sucks now)
a top ten would be out of the question

i would suggest just reviewing the restaurants in the hanover area...
that would probably hold more water..

By Popular Request!1
Posted by phduffy on Feb 26, 2004
Okay, here it is, the top ten restaurants in Hanover!!1111

I have decided to post it here instead of as its own post, as I think it has limited appeal.

10: (tie) Frankie's and Norm's.
Frankie's is hated by most people on this list due to one horrible experience there. Fair enough. Frankie's is basically the fall back restaurant in town. Since it's impossible to ever figure out where to go, people always end up at Frankie's. The selection is limited, and the prices are just on the border of being too high. However, you know what you're getting when you go there. Good items include the Chicken Fajitas, which are fun, cause they bring them to you all sizzling and everyone looks at you, and the perogies. Them's some good perogies! They have non-traditional milkshakes, but you should avoid them, they're sort of like yogurt.
The bar food that they serve in the back is decent as far as bar food goes.

I actually ate at Norm's a fair bit in High School, due to working near it. Cheap food, weird atmosphere, limited selection. Strengths include the milkshakes, liver and onions, and the fish.

9: Isabelle's
Only open during the summer, and limited selection. Still, you can get breakfast here, and it's all right off the grill. Good burgers, quick, and good prices. Sort of like fast food, only good.

8: Tommy D's Steakhouse
Similar to Frankie's and Norm's in food. They have the advantage of being new, and the owner also owns a restaurant in Mount Forest. They have a few items that the other pub type places don't like. Also, an excellent soup and salad deal for lunch (includes garlic bread).

7: Pizza Delight
The only place you can sit down and get pizza and/or Italian food. Reasonable prices. Problems include low service and an overpriced buffet. There are further problems with the buffet, as it always seems to have not enough food. Still, a nice place to go if you want to switch it up.

6: Shenanigans
The best food of all the pub places. No, wait, that will be number 4. Service alternates between excellent and horrible, depending on your server and what you think of as good service. The server will always remember what beer you ordered, week after week. This can be a problem though, as she'll bring you a beer without you ordering it, which you may not want. If you stick to the specials you'll get good tasting and cheap food. If you wander off the beaten path you may be in trouble. If it's busy you may wait longer that you want. This is a reason why I sometimes choose Frankie's instead, as I don't want to wait over an hour for my food. Restaurant is dirty. Dirtiest restaurant in town.

5: Chow's
Far and away, the best place in town to order ethnic food. Lose big points for the cancellation of their buffet though. Chinese buffets are nice, as you get to sample lots. And Chow's had a good buffet. Still a good place to get take out, but may not be worth visiting anymore.

4: The Stork Club
Almost the same as Isabelle's, except that they have indoor seating, and lots of Ice Cream. A Hanover staple. Even now that the pool has closed, they're still out there every summer selling awesome fries, good burgers and kick ass ice cream. Umm..... I think just about everyone that was a kid in Hanover has good memories of the Stork Club.

3: Cravings.
This is the best of the pub places. Avoid the buffet; most of the food on it is disgusting. However, largest menu in town, which is nice. Reasonably priced food and you get lots of it. Their spicy chicken wrap is fantastic! Also the best place in town for fish and chips (oh where have you gone Captain's Catch!!???). Most options for breakfast in town. While at times I do think that Cravings is overrated, as it really isn't that different from the other pub places. Still, don't let the hype drive you away, it's still good food.

2: The Grey Rose
I hadn't eaten there in years, but I've been there twice in the past 6 months. High quality food at a high quality restaurant. Everything here is top notch. The presentation is excellent, and the vegetables that are there as an accompaniment are fantastic as well. A fairly large selection of food, especially considering that their dinner menu is different from the lunch menu. Also the only place you can get non beer battered fish in town. Unfortunately they have also discontinued their buffet/brunch, with the exception of at the holidays. If you meet someone from out of town, they will have dined at the Grey Rose, and they will acknowledge its high quality.
And the Monte Cristo rules it.

1: Tender Pizza
Really, there was never any doubt. Pizza subs here are excellent, as they get the buns fresh from the bakery every day. Their real strength is their panzerottis though. I've had good panzerotti's at other places, but never anything that beats Tender. Plus, the owner curls and is a pretty nice guy. Cheesy garlic bread is also good. They even experiment with the menu from time to time, as seen by their attempt to introduce gravy pizza to Hanover.

HONOURABLE MENTIOIN: Subway. It's a chain. But it's good.

Posted by vivian on Feb 26, 2004
i still don't understand why there is a dash in 'ten-der' ...

Hanover eats
Posted by Miguel on Feb 27, 2004
That was fun to read...brought me back.

Couple of comments though.

Pizza Delight-No.....not for Italian, not for anything. The buffet used to be fun in highschool if you wanted to pig out....but for pizza you go to New Orleans.

In my mind, Stork Club and Ten-der are the only real worthwhile places, with Shenanigans being pretty good if I remember correctly, but I only went there once (thanks phduffy's dad!).

And I've eaten a few times at the Grey Rose, and it was a nice place to take a date and impress them. Lets just say the Grey Rose is good for Hanover, but at those prices and the kind of atmosphere they want to portray, it just wouldn't cut it in a bigger place. And the stories I heard from your brother....oh lordy.

I definitely want to try Isabelles though, if I remember correctly they have bison burgers in the summer.

RIP: Lunchbox cafe, Ultra Pizza, Captain Catch's

Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2004
I didn't realize you'd been to Pizza Delight for Italian food. What about it didn't you like?

Why would you go to New Orleans for Pizza? Seems like that's the last place you'd go, behind Tender, Delight and maybe 241. (Which is no longer 241 but is something else now).

I don't really understand the dislike of the Grey Rose. It's a great restaurant and the prices aren't out of line. Not to mention, they have a huge draw. They get people from KW going there for a nice lunch. I had a professor from Seaforth, and he knew about it, as people from Seaforth would go there sometimes for a nice meal. If you're uncomfortable with the people that work there I guess that's a seperate issue.

Do you mean Mega Pizza?

Why isn't Chow's worthwhile? Why isn't Cravings worthwhile? What about Norm's don't you like?

Take it easy
Posted by Miguel on Feb 27, 2004
Its just my opinion is all.

I've eaten at all those places, and theres nothing horribly wrong with them.

Chows is generic "chinese" if you like chicken balls, crap spring rolls and miscellaneous stir fries that all taste the same its fine.

Norms, good french fries but its actually not that cheap for what you're getting and the old people scare me....whats so good about it? I see these old people/diner places all the time.

I personally wouldn't go Delight and DEFINITELY wouldn't go to 241 in place of new orleans. I love tender, but I like New Orleans pizza pies what? I go to tender for subs and panzerattis....but I havent had one of their pizzas in years, although I remember they had some issues for a while when the old lady there wasn't working.

Cravings: shit-ass breakfast buffet good sandwhiches&good burgers a billion places like it.

Grey Rose: For my money, I would go somewhere else, it's just my opinion, I'm not trying to be a snob. But I personally feel that the Grey Rose is alright but nothing special. And if people from KW want to go to H-Town for the Grey Rose all the better, bring the business in...but theyve never been to Hannah's Bella Bistro or Soleil which are in Waterloo, in the same price range and much much better.

Pizza Delight - Had a pasta dish there, no.....just no.

I go to Hanover very infrequently, so I would eat at Tenders and the Stork Club in the summer over all these other restaurants, there is nothing wrong with them, and if all the gang wants to go to cravings or frankies all the better I'll happily go for the company I love and decent, but not great food. And I probably would suggest against going to chow's as I can get chinese food that is not even in the same universe as what suzannah's family is making.

Hanover to me is ice cream, fries and burgers in the stork club, tender's subs and used to be cravings for breakfast....although that buffet is almost inedible. Those are great, tasty, unique places that I can't find anywhere else and just wouldn't be the same outside of Hanover.

I heart them.

Posted by Katie on Feb 27, 2004
Pretty defensive there Paul! This is supposed to be a place where you can express your opinion, is it not?

Posted by Miguel on Feb 27, 2004
And yes it was Mega Pizza, thanks!

They were definitely going to put Godfather's and New Orleans OUT OF BUSINESS! NO CHANCE IN HELL!

I liked their square pizzas. Kinda good.

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 27, 2004
I also prefered Pizza delight pizza over the other pizza's in town. I enjoyed New Orleans cause I think it was about half the price of stupid pizza delight. I truly cried when Godfather's left though. Good, cheap pizza, and fucking $2.50 garlic pizza's were an often late night snack. That and 4 litres of 4% chocolate milk are in many memories from 'back home'.

Yeah yeah yeah
Posted by Miguel on Feb 27, 2004
Godfather's all the way! That was the shiznaaaattt.

definitely pour some Malt Liquour on the curb for that fallen homie. Best pizza in hanover...would still be if it hadn't left.

It's like this
Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2004
When I here someone from TO say that there are no good restaurants in Hanover, or that the Stork Club and Tender are the only good ones, it just makes me realize how much I don't ever want to live in Toronto.

This probably seems to be coming completely out of left field, and maybe it is. But when I hear that all I can think of is how the cultural elitism/rot of Toronto has set in. So maybe I was a little defensive. It just tends to get a little tiring. What do you think is reasonably priced food? How is it that Norm's doesn't fit the bill?

"Look, we're not racist or anything, but why would you want to buy pizza from guys that don't speak English? That's all we're saying. I don't know why New Orleans is opening up, every time they've opened up at the same place as us, we've put them out of business" K Rock, the owner(?) of Mega Pizza.

Also, Pietza Pizza was good too. In a weird funny way.

Not cultural elitism
Posted by Miguel on Feb 27, 2004
It works like this:

Why can't I compare restaurants in Hanover to other restaurants I've eaten at, be it at Toronto or Waterloo or Teeswater? Why does Hanover have to have amazing restaurants? You would deny that Toronto could possibly have better restaurants than Hanover?

Cultural miopy works both ways, you can also be blind and overly defensive in protecting Hanover restaurants. And as for norms and cravings, I am comparing them to the untold legions of restaurants all over the country that are exactly the same all over.....these are good essential places to have in a community, but that doesn't mean I want to eat there.

The stork club and tender are the only worthwile ones FOR ME. And I would gladly eat at any of these other places, they don't have bad food (except for maybe Frankie's although I never had a horrible experience there, but they dont exactly excite me either.)

You're just barking up the wrong tree here.

whoa Mega Pizza man!
Posted by Katie on Feb 27, 2004
Why would you want to buy pizza from someone who doesn't speak english?? Is that really what he said??

I don't know...maybe because the people who invented pizza didn't speak english, or that speaking english is not a prerequisite to making excellent and tasty pizza?

Those are just a couple of options. If I let the language that people speak stop me from buying the food that they make, I would most definitely have missed out on some great food experiences. Very few of my favourite foods originate from a country where english is the primary spoken language.

Posted by Miguel on Feb 27, 2004
Umm, that guy was awesome in a mullet-tastic way.

We were laughing at him the whole time. They lasted maybe 4 months...although I think I'm being generous.

Hanover Restaurants = SUX0R
Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 27, 2004
10. Frankie's and Norms -
Frankie's has your run of the mill pub food combined with mostly attractive waitresses that are sub-par at best. I have had several terrible restaurant experiences there. One of them being probably the 2nd worst service I have ever received. The woest service i have ever received cannot be matched. But that is a story for another time.

Norms was the default place to go during highschool, if the lunchbox cafe was closed.. or full or whatever. The people there usually treat you like shit if you are under the age of 45. Paul was obviously an exception when he went there as he worked there often during his highschool career. The food is in a word... terrible, soggy fries, disgusting greasy burgers and chicken that looks like it came out of a Swanson dinner. The price sucks as well a small half pint of milk is over 2 dollars.

9. Isabelles -
No arguement here. But you would do just as well stopping at any of the myriad of roadside chip wagons. They feature fried this, and fried that. Basically a combination of no imagination, fool-proof items that are as I said ... fried.

8. Tommy D's -
Never been there, except for a breakfast once, which was serviceable if not great. It's pretty hard to screw up breakfast though, (those of you who were there you know this statement is not always true).

7. Pizza Delight -
SUCKS... nothing else to say..

6. Shenanigans -
I have never been there.. so it has been my last great hope for Hanovers restaurant industry. I hope all you say is true.

5. Chows -
Think run of the mill Chinese food chicken balls, egg rolls, fried rice... blah blah... The best place for ethnic food because it's the ONLY place for ethnic food. You can find the same type of grub at a great place known to Miguel called Fast Food 2000. Where you pay for the container not the food. Pick a 5 dollar container and LOAD IT UP, as long as you can close it you are set.

4. The Stork Club -
Yes you got this one right, it lost something when several years ago it changed ownership. Mostly because I knew the old owners and they would give me free shit.. But still a great place to get a burger, some fries and icecream on a hot summer's day.

3. Cravings -
Used to be great, until they expanded and got that horrible buffet. Breakfast there used to be great, better than mom makes. Now you have to be cautious what you order, some things will be taken directly from that hideous buffet instead of being made fresh for you.
Before = Great, Now = On the Way Down

2. The Grey Rose -
Yeah not bad, but really quite expensive for what they are offering. A great place to impress your girlfriend when you were in highschool, but not a good place to impress a girl NOW.

1. Ten-der Pizza -
Ten-der... why the hyphen indeed vivian, it is a mystery for the ages. What isn't a mystery is that they have great food for a reasonable price. I haven't had a better panzerotti... ever... and their pizza subs are without peer. This is a gem of a place.. if you are ever in Hanover (god forbid) check it out.. you won't be disappointed.

There you are my answer to the hanover restaurant guide..
Really most places are only still doing business because almost all the restaurants in town are stunningly mediocre. So, if you are looking for an incredibly risky business opportunity open up a restaurant in Hanover, I wish you good luck.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2004
Oh yeah, that's what he said.
He was damn arrogant. It was pretty funny at the time, and even funnier 6 months later when he went out of business. (They were from the middle East Katie, not from Italy, so that probably made them even worse in his eyes!)

Miguel, I stand by what I said. And I didn't say that Hanover has better restaurants than Toronto. I said that if you say that it only has two worthwhile restaurants, you just don't know what you're talking about. (Well, that's the intent of what I said anyways). And I stand by what I said about Toronto. But that's a topic for another day and another thread. For today I suggest we should all be happy. And talk about my new TV thread!11111!

Pad Thai on a bun.
Posted by mike on Feb 27, 2004
I have eaten (other than ice cream) at the Stok Club twice I think. There is only 1 time that I actually remeber. I got a hamburger and I couldn't eat it because it made me sick to my stomach. In the Stork Club's defence I was horribly hung over at the time. However they used some particular kind of patty that I have had at other places that makes me sick to my stomach. Fuck I hate those patties. The only way I would EVER eat another hamburger at the Stork club is if they could prove to me that they weren't using the shitty patty. Fuck I hate those patties. BLLAAAH!

Also, I hate Toronto in general with a burning passion. I don't want to get into specifics, the people are great and everything (except the large quantity of people), it's just that the whole atmosphere isn't right FOR ME. I do like the interesting food that can be gotten there. I am by no means an adventuresome eater, but whenever I go there I always get some kind of craving for something I don't usually eat. No I don't really have a point. Well maybe my point is that I like interesting food and Toronto is an easier place to get interesting food.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2004
Norms has soggy fries? What the hell? The fries at Norms are great.
I forgot about the hot waitress factor!!
The part about Chows and ethnic food was a joke. What's wrong with Pizza Delight? So far no one has been able to present any concrete reasons why they don't like it.

I am also confused at how people continue to say that the Grey Rose is expensive. Meals there are less than at Milestone's, they have more selection, and the food is better. What should you pay for a meal at a nice restaurant? Maybe my problem is that the Toronto restaurants I've been to that I've heard good things about (Milestone's, Red Tomato, Jump and Shanghai Cowgirl) don't measure up.

Okay, this is turning into another one of those things that I just need to back out of. So consider this me trying to back out graciously but not really doing a good job of it so I'm just backing out. Which is why I posted something new. It's alot more fun to agree on things than to disagree, so go there and agree with me damnit!

Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2004
I think one day you and I should team up and try to articulate what it is about Toronto we don't like. That might make for an interesting post.

Posted by mike on Feb 27, 2004
That (and anti-Toronto article) would make for a long article followed by a large number of rebuttals about Toronto being the greatest place on Earth. Followed by a large and pointless debate on personal feelings. Possibly resulting in bruised egos and hurt feelings. I don't like it. I don't have to like it. You can't make me like it. To each their own.

Don't get me wrong, there are good points for sure that cannot be denied. It is a personal thing.

Final post on this (Maybe)
Posted by Miguel on Feb 27, 2004
I thought you liked Milestone's??

I've never eaten there...and never will...its a chain, and a horribly pretentious one at that. I remember it used to be considered the "in" place to go. Retarded. Might as well go to Jack Astors.

Red Tomato's was alright, but it was kind of disappointing.

You were the only person in that group that didn't like Shanghai Cowgirl. Never had any issues with it.

Never been to Jump.

Pizza Delight doesn't even have good pizza in my opinion, especially not at the buffet. It was good in high school when you wanted to pig out. That is the specific problem I have with it....the food does not taste good.

As for the Grey Rose: comparing it to Milestone's is easy....Milestone's sucks. Go to Waterloo, eat at Hannah's Bistro or even better, Soleil, its not even in the same league. And Hair of the Dog which is a small pub in church street has better, more adventurous and tastier food for a fraction of the price. Alltogether..why haven't you been there yet?

Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2004
long debate and bruised personal feelings?
Doesn't that sounds awesome!!!1111111111une!!!1


Microsoft needs to make an emoticon for when you roll your eyes and make the jerking off motion.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2004
I did like Milestone's. How can you say it sucks if you've never been there?

It's just not as good as the Grey Rose. And it's more expensive.
Do you see how what you said about it helps to prove my point about Toronto though?

Again, I didn't dislike Shanghai Cowgirl. This isn't me saying that all these places are bad and that everywhere at home is good. It's me saying that the places at home aren't these terribles eateries you seem to think they are. I agree that Hanover could definitely use a new restaurant. That doesn't mean the old ones are all terrible. Hell, Norms has been there over 50 years, while the Grey Rose, Chow's, Frankies, Tender, Pizza Delight have all been there 15+ years, Cravings has been around in one form or another for over 10 years, Shenanigan's is closing in on 10 years. The youngest one is Tommy D's, which has been there about 3 years. I understand getting sick of the same thing all the time. That happens to me. That doesn't mean they're bad places.

I don't know why I'm defending the Grey Rose, I guess it's just because there seems to be a real blindness surrounding it. Just because it's in Hanover doesn't mean it can't be great. Fuck, I need to stop this, I said I was going to stop!

Is Hair of the Dog the one next to Rev?

Posted by phduffy on Feb 27, 2004
Who would have guessed that we'd be able to get over 30 posts on this?

Good job everyone!


Posted by Nerhael on Feb 27, 2004
Milestones: I enjoyed it the first time. I just had appetizers, they had these breaded pizza rolls that were good, and black bean quesadillas. Though both were great. Next time I went, neither of those were there. Had their veggie burger. One of the worst I've had. Also one of the most expensive.

Shanghai cowgirl: Cool, has some neat stuff. Overly expensive for some stuff. My breakfast cost me 10 bucks or something there. THat's eggs and homefries with coffee... Seems wrong. I did find out that their shanghai noodles are fucking amazing...though I don't like that they cut them up into shorter noodles..... WTF?

I also agree that the number of posts on this is insane. Heh, 2nd most hotly debated topic to date.

you forgot one!
Posted by Katie on Feb 27, 2004
Now this restaurant isn't technically in Hanover, but each town is so small out there, you can't really quibble over boundaries.

So, with that being said, I would like to point out that I think you forgot a restaurant in your review. Hat's off to Harry! The only place open on New Year's day.

Consistently mediocre food with lots of grease, and lots of options!

Best food ever to eat on New Year's day.

That's one.
Posted by mike on Feb 27, 2004
"...but each town is so small out there..."

Gotta love gross generalizations.

Posted by vivian on Feb 27, 2004
it seems kind of odd to me that all the times i have been to hanover, no one has taken me to eat at Ch-ow's. [i'm thinking random hyphens might be my new th-ing].. doesn't it only make sense to take the CHINESE GIRL to the CHINESE RESTAURANT? someone really dropped the ball on that one...

all this talk of the Grey Rose makes me want to see it for myself.. someone should take me on a "fancy" [?] "date" [?] there sometime, and try to impress me/get in my pants... [on that note: did any of you guys ever bring a girl there in highschool, and did they put out because of it?]

Grey Chow's or maybe Chow's Rose
Posted by Miguel on Feb 27, 2004
Vivian in answer to your questions.

Taking you to Ch-ow's (fuck now you got me doing it!) would cause an Asian overload that might very well destroy Hanover. Chow's wasnt meant to be experienced by any Asians other than the Chows themselves.

Yes, try to convince Seth to take you to the Grey Rose. The "get in your pants" factor is lost then, but I'm not ponying up for you unless I get guaranteed results.

And on your final note, yes and yes.

i think the problem is....
Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 28, 2004
here's the thing...

when i am speaking about the restaurants in hanover i am comparing them to all the restaurants i have ever been to.
in pauls review he is comparing them to other restaurants in hanover..

comparing frankies with salad king

... is like comparing hippos to giant flying robots

comparing Tommy D's to Big Daddy's Crab Shack

... is like comparing drain covers to house plants

comparing Norms to anything

... is like comparing Elvis to Diet Pepsi
... newsprint to carpet cleaners
... Mimes to Mexicans
apples to oranges (if you will)

pauls review works in the context of hanover, and nowhere else...
kinda like communism, it only works in theory... if you were only to eat in hanover, and no where else...

so arguing against his review is nonsenical to say the least... based on only hanover's restaurants his review is totally accurate.. and that was the point...

so everybody chill.. compile a list of the best restaurants you've 3V4R been too... THEN argue...

I live in Hanover
Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 29, 2004
Really the only time I eat out is when we are at Frankies in the pub part... They gave me perogies with bacon in them when I was a vegitarian after I had asked for no bacon on top of them, assuming that they were the typical potato cheese perogies. Another time I ordered a wrap that was supposed to have sauted vegetables in it; when I got it the vegetables were raw, which isn't really that big of a deal, except raw vegetables can kill me...

And Norm's... my Dad and I went there for breafast once, I ordered pancakes, which arrived with mysterious, large, crunchy, chunks in them. Yum.

On 'just Hanover' scale or a 'every resturaunt you've ever eaten in' scale, the resturaunts here don't fair very well. I'd rather buy things at the grocercy store and cook it myself. Except when we all go out for breakfastes.

Oh, Luigi's makes really good sandwiches, for all of the skill that takes...

Posted by Palmer on Mar 01, 2004
Not to sway off the Hanover eats, but I'd like to send a 'Hell yeah!' to Miguel for introducing me to the lamb jumbo burrito (sautay edition of course!).

New York Sub is where it's at people.

Posted by phduffy on Mar 07, 2004
I would just like to add that the Monte Carlo was the best restaurant Hanover had even seen, and it's too bad it's not here anymore.

It ruled it.

Posted by phduffy on May 10, 2005
Hey, here's NOW magazine's rankings of the top 25 cheat eats in TO.

Oh Yeah
Posted by phduffy on Jul 12, 2006
I've now been to Sole in Waterloo, and I think it's great.

Some of the people I work with aren't huge fans though. There are a couple of better places (I'm thinking in particular of Verses) but it's very good.