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Forum posts for Advice of the DAy for February 23rd!

so right!
Posted by Katie on Feb 22, 2004
As a former bartender, both at weddings and bars, I have to agree with Paul's advice. There are so many assholes at weddings that you have to serve, it is actually more fun not to break the rules for them, even if the rules suck. They get so angry!!!

If, however, someone is willing to give you a huge ass tip to start the night off, then the fun is seeing just how drunk you can get know, value for the money.

Here's to your cousin Paul!

Posted by mike on Feb 23, 2004
Dammit! I really thought you were going to explain the use of "cryptic" for me. Dammit.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 24, 2004
Okay, this has nothing to do with anything...

But are we currently on the Gregorian or Julian calendar?

For some reason I thought we were on the Julian one, but I just read someone saying that we're on the Gregorian one.

Anyone want to research this and make a post about the history of the calendars?

Posted by mike on Feb 24, 2004
Pope Gregory changed the Julian calendar to get the Gregorian claendar.

Posted by Katie on Feb 24, 2004
now that is some coincidence Paul.

Cause it was this day in History, 1582, that the pope changed the calendar. Did you know this, is that why you asked?

I didn't know till I rode the elevator up to my floor. Who knew elevators could be such excellent learning environments?

Posted by phduffy on Feb 24, 2004
No, I did not realize that.

I asked this because I read a review of a book that referred to a day as being "July 7 1607 Julian or July 8 1608 Gregorian" and then went to give a short explanation of how England didn't follow the pope, and how according to the Gregorian Calendar new Years is Jan 1, while it started on a different date according to the Julian Calendar, and since England wasn't about the Pope, they had a different calendar for a while.

I thought this might be over some people's heads. It was sure over mine, until I got the explanation.