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Forum posts for the forgotten band

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 22, 2004
I think anyone that was at that party of Paul's in Hanover would like to thank your parents for introducing you to David Wilcox. I know I do.

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 22, 2004
dance Gord, dance!

there was quite a bit of good dancing and singing that night... that was the first night i really got to know katie...

Posted by phduffy on Feb 22, 2004
You 'got to know her'.. that sounds pretty cryptic.

Please tell us more! And don't be afraid to put it in the fiction section with a disclaimer.

Posted by mike on Feb 23, 2004
Is cryptic the word of the day or something?
I really hope the advice explains this for me.

Lets see
Posted by Miguel on Feb 23, 2004
In fact, cosmicfish's statements were not cryptic in any way. Most readers could easily figure out that cosmicfish meant that, through conversation and observation, she could discern more of Katie's personality and mannerisms, knowing Katie more "as a person".

However, phduffy was engaginc in humour and wit by subtly suggesting that cosmicfish engage in the writing of erotic fiction, which is usually prefaced by a disclaimer.

I hope I cleared up some of the confusion here.

Posted by Miguel on Feb 23, 2004

I've HEARD that erotic fiction is usually prefaced by a disclaimer. I'm not a filthy pervert that actually reads trashy, sexy stories like in or or anything like that.

Thats just wrong.

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 23, 2004
What's with the nature documentary voice-overs?

I can't seem to visualize anything else when reading your last couple posts.

P.S. rules!!!!1111 Word porn!!! Bhahahahahaa

Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 23, 2004
Yes, I just meant I got to know her better through conversation and seeing her dance and sing 'Hot in Here!'

I'm sorry I can't put anything in the fiction section. Believe you me I've tried writing such stories before but that is not where my talent lies.

10 Years Ago Today
Posted by phduffy on Apr 08, 2004
Kurt Cobain was found dead.

On the Edge the other day you had to vote for which band was better, Foo Fighters or Hole.

Final Tally:

Foo Fighters - 67
Hole - 4