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Forum posts for Review of My Boss' Daughter

Just one little correction
Posted by Miguel on Feb 19, 2004
Great Review Kris!

But I just wanted to say that Phone Booth is actually directed by Joel "Batman&robin" Schumacher. But Zucker is a crazy zany slapstick comedy director!

I thought so
Posted by phduffy on Feb 19, 2004
I thought Joel "Shitmaker" directed Phone Booth.

Which is strange, as Phone Booth is good, and his other stuff sucks. (Thus the shitmaker monicker)

That John Grisham one.. (Killing something or something Killing)
Batman and Robin...

Posted by Miguel on Feb 19, 2004
Joel Schumacher directed that war movie with Colin Farrel called Tigerland. Which is odd, cuse its a great movie and its directed by world class shit magnet Schumacher and world class asshole Farrel, who I really really hate.

Posted by kris on Feb 19, 2004
Yeah, sorry about that. I was looking up other films by Zucker and I must have looked at the wrong screen at the time. My bad, thanks for calling it out.
Glad you enjoyed it, I have a bunch of other reveiws coming, but this one was the only one that I had time for this afternoon.
phduffy, did you check out the post I made for Intollerable Cruelty?

another mistake...
Posted by kris on Feb 20, 2004
Sorry guys, seems as though Zucker didn't direct NG 33 1/3, it was Peter Segal. Zucker just helped write it and helped Segal on the side. I found this out as I was doing my review for 50 First Dates.