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Forum posts for Cry Baby!

Welcome to hell.
Posted by weberm1 on Feb 19, 2004
Does this guy forget to take his meds every time you have your games or something? i have never heard of a grown man crying that much, ever. that just kind of breaks my mind right now. it's volleyball, not a life changing hard situation.
am i horrible for thinking that you should try to do shit to make him cry? just so other people can get a solid laugh? make a game of it, say, 'ok guys, let's see if we can get adam to leave early to go home and cry to his momma'
i think i just might be going to hell.

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 19, 2004
This guy sounds like a grade 'A' dick. Like.... what sort of upbringing did you experience that you cry at 28 when you don't get your way?

Squeeky wheel.
Posted by mike on Feb 19, 2004
This guy sounds pretty sad. Pretty sad indeed.

Unfortunately it sounds as though he has learned that this will get him his own way. Just like a little kid who cries, and then gets a lolypop, or gets to stay up later, or whatever kids cry to get these days.

I find it interesting how well this seems to work for him. For instance he made a big deal and cried about not getting to be on some certain guys team. He then got to be on that guys team. Crying got him what he wanted, he accomplished his goal.

He tried a second time to cry to get what he wanted and then when it didn't work he left. However, when he returned another night he was allowed to be team captain. Essentially crying got him what eh wanted again, to choose his own team. He accomplished his goal.

Then later he got a ball in the face. He cried about that. I am thinking that hish thought would be that by crying about getting the ball in the face, even though he tried to do the same thing to you, people will take it easier on him during the game. This would allow him to look better than he is. I would encourage you to not allow him to accomplish his goal this time. Hit him in the face again. TEACH him that crying won't get him what he wants.

Man this guy is sad. I suck a large amount of ass at most sports. I don't cry about it, I realize that I don't need to be good to have fun. It doesn't sound like the people you are teaching are all that good, so they must be out to have fun. This one stupid bastard is ruining that fun. I say that if he cries about not being on some guys team, DO NOT put him on that guys team, or at least pick the teams randomly or something. If he cries about not getting to pick who is on his team, DO NOT let him be captain. If he cries about sucking and getting a ball in the face, please DO NOT take it any easier on him. He needs to learn some lessons, that apparently up until now he has not been forced to learn.

He needs to get a really good smack, he is not a child so that seems to be almost within reason. However in our society we don't randomly smack the stupid out of people, so at least don't let him get his own way for crying, he will never learn.

The squeaky wheel shouldn't always be the one to get the grease. If your going to grease some wheels, give them all a little go.

ha ha ha
Posted by kris on Feb 19, 2004
The very first time that I saw Adam cry I swear I thouht it was a joke. I'm not lying when I tell you this; he sounded and acted just like Robert De Niro in Analize This/That. You know, the big tough mobster that cries with dry eyes.... except Adam doesn't have the dry eyes.

Maybe he is on meds. I mean, it just doesn't seem right that this guy could cry so much. I mean, he's never given me any other indication that he might be sick aside from the crying, but this is just not right. HE's 28!!

Mike, I'll try to be a little more aggressive with him. I guess I just find it hard. He's a big crying man...i've never encountered that before...hell, I can't even remember the last time i've cried. I SHOULD CRY. ha ha ha
The next time he starts yelling at me and crying I should turn on the water works as well. ha ha ha....Let's see how he likes it.

Posted by mike on Feb 19, 2004
I was at this learning thing one time... man that's pretty vague. Anyway they told us that crying releases some kind of built up toxins in your body.

I don't know if it is true or not, but if it is that Adam guy will likely be crying longer than a lot of other people. Due to living longer ... less toxins... right.

No, I don't know what this has to do with anything.