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Forum posts for Gee Wizz

johnny one nut...
Posted by weberm1 on Feb 16, 2004
see, that's when you need to post something controversial or something. get the people talking. but wait, i seem to be responding to you saying very little. ah well, my fucking government job is boring!

: (
Posted by nszyngie on Feb 16, 2004
Just because I only have one nut, is no reason to make fun and call me Johnny . . . no fair

Now I want to go home and curl up in my Lego fortress

at least you have one!
Posted by weberm1 on Feb 16, 2004
so, what are your thoughts on genetically modified foods?
just wondering.

and since i am going home now, i will read this in the morning and think about how to properly express my disgust for them. quite.....

Posted by Nerhael on Feb 16, 2004
You know, if lego weren't worth one's weight in money, I'd suggest we go out and buy a crapload of it, and build something stupid big. Unfortunately, it's stupidly expensive.

Unless of course someone knows of a cheap source of the building blocks of our youth?

roger that.
Posted by weberm1 on Feb 16, 2004
pete, i think you are on to something with that idea. maybe we could find some cheap building blocks. but where would we build such a fortress? maybe we could build some for the homeless?

Children's charity
Posted by Nerhael on Feb 16, 2004
We could always find some sort of children's charity that could house it, and build it there for hte kids to see/have. Take the blocks once a year or so and rebuild it into something new.

Don't worry
Posted by phduffy on Feb 16, 2004
The problem was that the Duff was gone.
I'm back.

I'll post something that I'm pretty sure that you'll disagree with for Tuesday. (Don't worry, it won't be about Sega). I'll see how much action I can hit you with.

Posted by nszyngie on Feb 17, 2004
you'll never take me or my blocks alive!
i will fight to the death for my beloved fortress.
come any closer and i will pelt you with the small pieces i never use or the colours i do not like!
consider yourselves warned!

(stupid expensive, yes)