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Forum posts for Review - American Splendor

Posted by phduffy on Feb 16, 2004
I had heard good things about this.
I guess I'll have to try the Station Agent as my "independent film that rocks".

hey people are
Posted by nszyngie on Feb 17, 2004
Well, people are entitled to their opinions.
Take you for example, Paul. You dun like Lost in Translation, but everyone else I have spoken to that has seen it really liked it. But this is not the place . . .

One of my friends say American Splendor this past weekend and said he enjoyed it. So, who am I to say . . .

I think the most disappointing thing about this movie for me was the fact that (keep in mind I never read the back of the box) it is a biography, and the interlace the movie with the real characters - possibly to show how well they have been cast, or to make it that much more 'real' or whatever. It didn't work for me.

I have a feeling you might enjoy it though, so don't completely shrug it off. I am waiting to see the Station Agent still . . .

One movie NOT to rent - Northfork. Holy crap, talk about dullsville, usa. I fast-forwarded through much of the movie and was still bored - AND, didn't miss anything. Bollocks.

a biography that rocks..
Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 17, 2004
if you want to see how great a biography.. in this case an autobiography...can be then rent

The Kid Stays In The Picture

it is just great.. the style of it all makes for an entertaining movie... even though there is only a very small amount of actual moving pictures.. a large portion of this movie is done with still shots...
old pictures and what have you...

rent this... you won't regret it

Posted by phduffy on Feb 17, 2004
Well I know going in that this is half documentary, half acted, which may make it sucks less....
We'll see.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 19, 2004
I just watched American Splendor and enjoyed it.

First off, I went in knowing that there would be a mix of real life and acted parts.

Basically, the real Harvey Peekar narrates the film, and sometimes the film cuts away to him as he talks about what's going on.

One of the problems with the film is that it doesn't really have a strict narrative structure. It sort of bounces around and skips ahead at times. Plus, I think there's a bit too much foreshadowing. However, the foreshadowing also tells you exactly what you're getting into. Within the first 5 minutes you know that this won't be a movie with a typical happy ending, and that you won't be seeing wonderment or lots of joy.

Nick, I can't believe that you didn't mention Peekar's awesome best friend Toby! At first I didn't believe that he could be a real person, but then they cut away to the real Toby... Every time he was on stage, all I could think of was "Worst... Episode... Ever!"
I thought that this must be the real comic book guy, but according to imdb it's not.

Not to mention the Dick like aspect of watching the real Harvey narrate as the actor Harvey pretends to be the real Harvey watching a play with another fake Harvey! Damn!

The Letterman stuff was pretty interesting too. I liked how they'd set it up using Giamatti (the actor) and then use the actual footage of the real Harvey on Letterman. I wonder if anyone involved in this film was on Letterman to promote it? Or if Peekar was able to apologize and smooth things over with him.

So that's my opinion.
BONUS: For the Children: Peekar walks in on his friend and sort of thinks he's screwing around with his wife, realizes that he's not, and eventually sort of adopts his buddy's daughter. Nice!

Oh Yes, Toby . . .
Posted by nszyngie on Feb 20, 2004
He certainly was an interesting character, but I knew simply by posting a review that people were going to watch it themselves to make their own decision, and I think that is great. Clearly, I felt it wrong to give away every morsel of the film . . . I knew I wasn't going to mention Toby, he's too awesome. I bet you weren't even sure you were watching the right movie when he was introduced - you were all like "damn, this cat's bad. surely nick would've mentioned this craziness. i must have the wrong movie. Is this A Merry Cunt Spendor (sorry ladies, not going for offensiveness, just good old fashioned classic porn names)?"

But again, he wasn't enough to seal the deal for me, so I wrote the review for the whole as a whole . . .

Still, I am glad you enjoyed it, even if I didn't

That's cool...
Posted by phduffy on Feb 20, 2004
But... not to mention the sweetness of

"I have found my perfect movie.."
"Oh yeah Toby, what's that?"

"Revenge... of the Nerds"


Different Strokes for different folks.

Speaking of porno names, what's the funniest you've heard of?

I like Position Impossible, but I think my favourite is the Christmas Classic Spreading Joy.

Posted by nszyngie on Feb 20, 2004
Bottom Dwellers. Easily the funniest one I have ever heard, namely because it continues to be a running joke amoung my friends.

If someone doesn't come out for the night, it is occasionally assumed they are watching Bottom Dwellers. Sadly, this tape has long been missing . . . and no, it wasn't mine.