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Forum posts for Conan - Yay or Nay?

Conan - Ay!
Posted by mike on Feb 12, 2004
I am going to go with ay on Conan.

It's is on past my bedtime so I don't get the opportunity to watch it.

Posted by MDuffy on Feb 12, 2004
The first night of Conan was better. After watching Scott Thompson prance around Toronto I was kind of turned off. Not that I don't like Scott Thompson, its just that I think they are advertising too much about gays in Canada. I think all the gay americans are going to move up to Canada to get married or something.

Also Canadian small talk last night??? What the fuck were they talking about????????????????????????????

I don't know if Conan was worth paying 1 million just to advertise for tourism Canada.

more than that
Posted by nszyngie on Feb 12, 2004
well get than million dollar investment back over 3 fold from increased tourism, i am sure . . . but there is no way anyone could ever prove it.

At the border: "Who told you to come here?"
American: "Conan"
Border Patrol: " Okay, on your way"
"Bob, rack up another one for Conan"

Posted by Beth on Feb 12, 2004
So.. I was one of the lucky few who got to stand in line for 3 hours at the corner of Queen and Victoria with tickets for Conan in my hand. There were Americans in front of us, and Americans behind us. Once we had been let into the theatre...... the only seats left in the house were behind the camera booth and a LARGE tv screen. So for all my efforts I saw Conan live... but on a TV. In my mind... not really worth the anticipation and the waiting.

I guess its pretty cool to see a place on tv that you know, listen to jokes you know those stupid americans won't understand, and finally feel like maybe Canada matters! But I think if I was an American, I would have turned it off too.

1 million?.. a small price to pay
Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 12, 2004
i haven't seen the episodes due to my lack of cable..
so i can't comment on their quality or representation of Toronto/Canada


i will comment on the million bucks...
which i cannot believe is even a debateable issue

if Toronto can pay the Stones & Co. 10 million for one show
i think one million for a week of international broadcasts is completely acceptable, not to mention the fact that Toronto has wasted countless millions on many many things in the past 8 years, that didn't give our city a good reputation OR media exposure (well good media exposure i guess)

From the computer contracts through ty domi's brother..
(42 million down the drain)
to failed olympic bids
(i don't even know how much)
Toronto needed a boost...

Conan was much anticipated...
and probably couldn't live up to everyone's expectations..
but really it shows that Toronto is a great city, fun to be in, with great people in it....

Christ they have these really lame Toronto promos out right now...
perhaps you have seen them..
now i am SURE they spent more than 1 million on those..
in the production, direction, and paying for air time...
and the most hilarious thing is that i can't say i have seen the spots anywhere but on city tv/cbc/omni/ctv
Why the hell are they selling Toronto to Torontonians?

Me and Miguel went to an AHL hockey game last week
they played the promo AT THE GAME... WE ARE IN TORONTO
much like mike.. i cannot properly explain how confusing this is to me...

Talk about preaching to the choir.........

OKAY went off topic there for a moment.. but the point is....

Conan for 1 million dollars = a small price to pay
so really you can just read my title.. and forget about the rest...

OH Conan-ada
Posted by noodle on Feb 13, 2004
I have been watching this week and I must say it is funny to watch a typical american show use so many canadian references...seems to me that Conan has more Canadian flavour than Mike Bullard.

Now they may just really be trying to play this up, but I find it hilarious to think that americans will have absolutely no idea what is going on...even to joke about how conversations are going to be dubbed over for american audiences is comedic gold.

I do agree that its kind of lame that people go freaking crazy when there's a mention of the Leafs and how people are always yelling things out, but that's not the show's fault...those are just wieners in the crowd.

Regardless of the cost or the revenue created, its fun to see and hear about things that you're familiar with...seeing him walk around union station and then going there the same day, looking at the CN tower on his walking tour and then looking out your window...

If anything I think that some americans will get a better sense of what's going on up here...we're all moose calling comedians who walk around in blizzards and love our hockey.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 14, 2004
Okay, I believe that the one million dollars is a debateble issue, but that's not why I'm here, we'll leave that for another day.

I'm not sure how Conan has shown that TO's a great city... It's shown that there are blizzards and hockey fans here.

Anyways, forget all that.

What I wanted to say was a royal "FUCK YOU" to the dickheads that booed on Thursday night when the word Quebec was mentioned.

Sure, boo the seperatists, but if you boo the word Quebec you are a fucking idiot.