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Forum posts for XIII

Fear Effect
Posted by Miguel on Feb 12, 2004
This game reminded me of playstation game I liked called Fear Effect. It also used crazy cell shading and it was pretty good for what it was. I remember being in WCRI and playing this all night with Paul and Pete and we even got this girl Christine to get into the game and she was all about solving the puzzles. Did you ever hear about it?

There's a sequel to it called Fear Effect 2, but as far as I can tell it's some kind of lesbian porno.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 12, 2004
Nice review.
I had thought that this looked pretty cool. FPS's seem a little played out, but this was on original take on it...
Speaking of cell shading though, I definetely want to play Viewtiful Joe for the GC... I think that's why Cell Shading was invented.
So I guess I should rent a GC and VJ.

no, sorry
Posted by nszyngie on Feb 12, 2004
I have never heard of Fear Effect . . . sorry. One game I bought for the puzzels is Ico. It got mad reviews for being so original and beautiful, but pretty much you drag some girl around, and solve the puzzle to get out of the room. I found it hard to get into. I will revisit it soon. I will have to look into Fear Effect.

Cell-shading is neato, but I don't think it can carry a game alone - gameplay is huge, for me at least. That is why XIII falls short, looks good, but doesn't play so hot. But come on - Adam West!

Posted by Miguel on Feb 12, 2004
Fear Effect had some puzzles but it was mostly a murder simulator, it had some pretty fun moments but the control would drive you crazy till you got used to it. I wouldn't worry too much about it.

Thanks for the great review, but let me go on a mini-rant here. Im gonna throw some technical terms so try to keep up.

Videogames suck shit right now and I don't know why. The days of when I would just sit around and become super involved with a game are long long over. Games like Final Fantasy, Bionic Commando, Secret of Mana, NBA Jam, Ninja Gaiden, Tenchu, Monster Rancher etc. which were ridiculously fun and addictive just don't seem to be made anymore.

I know I'm not alone in thinking this, so is it because we are getting older? Or is it that the games just suck?

Off the top of my head here are the games that in the last 3 YEARS I have been impressed with.

Castlevania Symphony of the Night
GTA Vice City (but even that got boring quick)
Perfect Dark (I think that might be older than 3 years but Im not sure)
Mario Party
Tekken Tag and 4
And maybe Mario double-dash although I didnt play it that much

I have a PS2 and I just pretty much use it for DVD's. I look at what's available for it and it's just tired ideas or good ideas that are horribly executed. I can't possibly be wrong, so how do other people agree with me?

technical terms...
Posted by nszyngie on Feb 12, 2004
sorry, you lost me at 'ridiculous'. what's a ridiculous?

(see: try to keep up)

sorry, my lame stab at making a joke . . .

is it because
Posted by nszyngie on Feb 12, 2004
I agree with you. Generally speaking, games do suck. I think part of it is because we are getting older and our expectations for games are raised with each year, because we want better. But remaking old games does not consistute better. New ideas are needed. Or go back to basics. I don't know. All i know is I buy about 2 games a year, and lately, they have been Greatest Hits. Speaking of which - Tony Hawk is great value for the money. It is actually pretty darn fun, even though I am not a skater.

I think the advent of the interent has impeded games too - because they are all reviewed to shit, and people get really picky and stuff . . . case and point, the original post here. But that is what we have become accustomed to - high expectations, and tearing a strip off a developer who falls short.

Budgets and release dates no doubt have a lot to do with games falling short. But I still can't figure out why they don't increase development budgets to that of Holly wood movies - do game not reap larger sales numbers? I don't know, but suspect this might be the case.

I can't help but think that back in the day, we were much more willing to sit in front of the tiv and game for hours on end, keeping the console powered on while we ate dinner, etc.. As adults, we don't always have that free time, and as a result, we lose interest in the game faster. But still, why they don't built on games that were well executed (meaning, gameplay, not story or ideas . . .) i.e. Gran Turismo raised the bar for driving simulations. I can't stand Need for Speed series because of the shit feel they have . . . why can't they strive to emulate an engine and physics like that of GT3, then, and only then, let you drive "underground".

I think I might buy a new computer when Half-Life 2 comes out though. That can makes me randy

Posted by phduffy on Feb 12, 2004
There's one system where you can play all the sweet old school games you want.
Including all the Marios. A new Bionic Commando. Sonic. Great Tactics games (Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, Ogre Tactics, FF, etc). Old school RPGs, including Phantasy Star and FF Adventure. Mario Kart. Metroid. Zelda.

The solution is obvious.

Get a Gameboy Advance.

It's true, the graphics won't be as good. But that means they have to focus on the gameplay.

Plus, you can play it while watching TV, which is nice, if you're short on time.

Posted by Palmer on Mar 01, 2004
I don't know what the heck happened to video games in the last while...I've honestly given up on them for the most part, although I was into them like Duffy is morbidly obese.

I just chalked it up to becoming older, but after reading these posts I realize you all share the same feelings...where are the countless hours spent trying to get to that next level?

As for old school systems, my old roomate has the sweetest video game system a person can obtain...a hacked XBox which a slew of emulators. One day after a month of preparation, he introduced me to it.

What's that? Do I want to play any one of 440 Nintendo games? BAM, they're there.

How about Bonk's Adventure from T.Grafx 16? ZOOM! I'm right there.

This system was mint. Any hardcore video gamer from the past or present should invest in this. I haven't seen a PS2 emulator, but I'm sure there must be one out there that you can slap on the XBox.

Next best thing would to just buy a computer and hook it up to your TV and grab as many emulators as your hard drive could handle.

The only game I'm interested in taking a look at is the revamped Ninja Gaiden...will it hold true to the original or is it someone trying to milk us?