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Forum posts for Review of Intolerable Cruelty

Posted by kris on Feb 19, 2004
I just finished watching this movie, and I thought to myself, what better time to write a movie review? So I jump online to find out that you have already done a review for this movie....nevertheless, here's my take on it!

I didn't like it. I went out looking for a comedy, I picked up the box, and reviews said that it was a comedy....Yes, it was a comedy, but to call it a good one would be a blatant lie! I don't want to be harsh but com'mon....

The storyline was weak. It was too chopped; always going from here to there.... I don't want to give examples for fear of giving parts of the movie away.

Anyhow, the acting was alright. They did the best that they could (since the writing wasn't that brilliant). Do you really think that the legal jargon would was that hard to follow?

I think that the ending could have been better. They built up to what I thought was their climax in the movie and them just dropped us over the edge with a little party favour saying "thanks for wasting your time with us, please come again soon!" What the hell? The movie was only an hour and a half long. What, they couldn't put out a little more money for a sufficient ending? Maybe if the relationship between the Clooney and Zeta Jones was better established I could have had more sympathy for thier problems.... but stages in their relationship were skipped. All I saw was a physical attraction arroused by poetry.

Also, what's with Clooney's boss? Was all that really necessary in the development of his character throughout the movie? I think it was completely useless.

Okay, I think that's it for now... another movie reveiw will be on its way shortly....

Legal Jargon
Posted by phduffy on Feb 22, 2004
I didn't really find the legal jargon all that hard to follow, but at times my dad would start laughing, and my mom and I wouldn't know why. It's because they were making jokes out of stuff that we weren't aware was legal jargon.

But that didn't happen very often, and it's a pretty minor complaint.

I have to say
Posted by Katie on Feb 24, 2004
I just watched the movie last night, and I have to say that my opinion is somewhat the opposite of Kris'. The first half of the movie had me bored, and thinking that I would need some sort of herbal enhancement to make the movie worth watching. It was the second half of the movie when I finally sat up and started paying attention and, very rare for me, laughing.

I thought the first half was too disjointed, they were jumping all over the place without any real direction. Perhaps the problem here was mine, as I really didn't know too much about the plot before I saw it other than that Clooney and Zeta-Jones have the hots for eachother. And who wouldn't??

Anyway, I couldn't really predict what was going to happen for the most part. And I liked it when all of a sudden there was a plot switch. Maybe if the beginning of the movie had been better done then they wouldn't have needed this little jolt, but it wasn't and they did, and I liked it.

I guess my overall view of the movie was that it was decent. Disappointingly less than I was hoping for from the stellar cast and the directors. But able to wring a few laughs from me, sans enhancement. So worthwhile.

I would like to point out that watching the bonus material could be dangerous for some people. Continuously repeating scenes could cause some confusion. And one of my favourite lines in the movie actually came out of the bonus material....something about only Catherine Zeta-Jones being able to match Clooney in suaveness, looks and charm. So true...I thought the casting was perfect.

gimmie a knife and fork
Posted by alltogethernow on Feb 24, 2004
I loved this movie...
all of it...

but i love all the Coen Brothers movies i have beared witness too...
they make a movie... put it in my dvd player and i am ready to eat it up...
there is something about their style that really speaks to me..

Miller's Crossing
The Hudsucker Proxy
The Big Lebowski
O' Brother Where Art Thou?
The Man Who Wasn't There
and now..
Intolerable Cruelty

All great movies, I know Mike will agree with me on this one...

Well you see...
Posted by mike on Feb 24, 2004
I DO agree, and I am making the bold assumption that you are talking about me here.

I fucking loved:
Miller's Crossing
O' Brother Where Art Thou?

But unfortunately I have not seen any of the others. I really like movies and stuff, I I will now likely try to see all which has been set in front of me as a Coen brothers film. I'll just be damned if I can follow all of this stuff, I can't remember about who directed what and who played who and all that, good or bad that just ain't me.

I am aware of who the Coen brothers are, due to their most profound level of excellence in movie making, but I am unaware of what films they have made.

In the past I have been right in there with the fork eating away, and using the side of the fork instead of a knife. That's how I do it, I cut by attrition with the dull side of the fork. I have totally lost what I was trying to say. Bye.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 24, 2004
For the Coen brother's fans. What did you think of Hudsucker Proxy?

Every review of their movies I read has to mention that it's their movie that didn't work.

What's wrong with it?

Actually, forget that.

Someone should do an ode to the Coen brothers on this site.

A review of all their movies at once!


a new one!
Posted by Katie on Feb 26, 2004
I thought you guys might be interested in knowing that I saw a review for a new Coen brothers movie last night.

It starts Tom Hanks and Marlon Wayans, and is ostensibly about a huge heist being planned in a feisty old woman's basement. From the trailer it seemed as though Tom Hanks was trying to pull off Clooney quirkiness, and it just might work. But I have a hard time believing that he can do quite as well.

However, thought you guys should know that this was upcoming.....due to your orgasmic appreciation of the Coen brothers.