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Forum posts for Word Equations in Lieu of Real Titles = LAME

Posted by crux on Feb 03, 2004
With regards to this:

"The 700 Club does some good with its money, helping out the poor and underprivileged of Third World countries. They give shoes and operations to the starving masses of Africa in exchange for their eternal devotion to Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit."

For about a year now I’ve wanted to get involved in one of those "sponsor a needy child" deals. You know? Where they send you the picture of the kid. I don't make a lot of money, but I definitely make more than I need to survive, so why not? Well here's the "why not". For the life of me I can't find an organization that doesn't include "spreading the word of Christ" as part of the deal. Personally, I think Christ was horribly misquoted and misunderstood. Some of you may think this is a cop-out excuse for not donating to an otherwise worthy cause, but I’ve not yet been able to bring myself to contribute to something I have very little belief in. And I can't respect a "charity" that attempts to purchase faith in exchange for much needed assistance.

So..does anyone know of any such credible organization that isn't in anyway associated with Christianity..or any religion for that matter?

Posted by mike on Feb 04, 2004
I find it interesting that here it seems to be demanded that you give 10% of your money to Christianity or you will go to hell, and then they turn around and give the money to people in order to have them believe in Christianity so they won't go to hell.

I find that thinking to be most intriguing.

But seriously, helping people in third world countries is a goodness, but demanding devotion in return seems quite underhanded. Does that one that advertises on the TV demand religious belief in return for money? I can't remember the name, the one where over 80% of the money gets to the children and there communities and isn't eaten up in administrative costs. I think the guy who promotes it might be called Rod Black, or maybe not. Man am I ever helpful today.