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Posted by mike on Feb 03, 2004
Now here is the conclusion that we came to just prior to leaving Toronto:
"Moving is fucking awesome. Provided that you TOTALLY disregard ALL of the bullshit."

Worst move I have been involved with: the move this past weekend. Toronto is not designed to accept the implementation of a moving truck. That and the constant string of shit not going the way it had been planned. It is my determination that Toronto is a place to live, it's NOT a place to move. If you have to move in Toronto your best course of action is to put all of your stuff in a vacant lot and build your house around it. Most of the reason that Toronto was the worst move is that I can't deal with driving around in Toronto.

Worst job: The "widowmaker shift" while construction testing on the 401. Basically whenever there was a concrete pour scheduled I would have to be there. Timing for concrete would frequently look something like this:
Curb and Gutter: Pour 8am till 1pm.
Bridge Deck Patching: Pour 5pm till 8pm.
Caissons for overhead signage: Pour 12pm till 6am.

This wold have been OK if it had been more than just me doind the one job. Essentially I was ALWAYS there, I would frequently end up sleeping (more like napping) in the bed of my truck in the middle of the 401 because I was not able to drive back to my place in Waterloo for a sleep. Keep inmind that when tere is no pour there is still paperwork and cylinders to monitor. Stupid QC...
Noone ever quite knew when I was supposed to show up for a pour so I would usually be called in way too early and sit around.

Posted by weberm1 on Feb 03, 2004
worst move ever you say.....well, it appears i move once a year, but have only had one really bad move. that would be one in barrie, from my ghetto apartment on st. vincent street, to the house i shared with rayna and christine. it was just so horrible because it was one of the hottest days that year. in july when you don't really want to move and you feel as though you will spontaneously combust at any time. and our friend rob decided to bail on us to eat drugs, i think. so, rayna and i, lugging a large heavy couch down three flights of stairs, as well as everything else. not good times.
but, on an up note, none of my shit got broken and the old tenants at the house had forgotten a box of popsicles. SCORE!

Posted by kristian on Feb 03, 2004
Well, I do concider myself some what of an expert on moving myself, though I have never been a (paid) professinal mover. You just gotta love co-op at UW, in which you are required to move every four months. I just want to say there is nothing awesomer (that's right, I said awesomer) than having to look for a place to live in another city...especially when you need a four month lease, need to find a place in about 2 weeks, have no car to drive to the new city you will be living in, and it's exam time at school. What makes the moving part fantastic is that you tend to move out the day after your last exam...problem being, you tend to be incredibly hung over the day after your last exam. So my worst move ever is all four or five times I moved out of Waterloo.

kentville...a good place to live
Posted by cosmicfish on Feb 03, 2004
that is actually what the town sign says. it wasn't physically painful in any way, but it was very horrible. i was 16, mentally unstable, and ripped away from everything i loved in ontario and dragged across the country to kentville ns. okay, the house was nice, and compared to people out there we were 'rich'. but the school had holes in the wall, a student body of 300 students and i was either crying or high for seven months. worst emotional move ever.

Posted by phduffy on Feb 03, 2004
I don't have much to add, except for an AOL to Kristian's post.

Moving every 4 months is a pain in the ass. It will be nice to finally settle down somewhere that feels like home. Somewhere that feels like I could put up pictures and stuff.

Picture this....
Posted by Numinous on Feb 03, 2004
As the truck rolls to a stop, and just before the engine is cut you hear the guy on the radio. "This is the coldest day of the winter yet... with the wind it is -38, dont forget your mitts and hat." No shit you think to yourself as you finish the last mouthful of coffee that has already gone cold. You put on your hardhat as you steel yourself for the cold, opening the door of the cab you step out.... Nothing could have made you ready for this, the wind cuts to the bone but not before almost all of the air is sucked out of your lungs. Almost all of it, but some is to slow to escape and it feels like it has frozen to blocks of ice in your chest. Somehow you find yourself on the back of the truck, your not sure how it happened, but it doesnt matter you just want to be done with this. You look up at the huge metal posts that will someday be the door of the new medical building. Reaching over the load you try to grab the first sheet of drywall. Your hands cant get a grip with the gloves that the kind hearted radioman told you not to forget... "Shit...." Off come the gloves, you would swear that the skin on your hands has shunk to half the normal size in the cold, but you take hold of the sheet of ice anyway, anything to get this job done quicker. You and the large man infront of you take hold of the 12 foot by 4 1/2 pair of 5/8's.... lifting them into place your arms burn with a fire not even the cold can effect. You have never felt anything so heavy in your life.... can you even lift this?... your not sure, it seems that you can but for how long?.... you were wrong the cold can cut the burning in your arms and its starting with your fingers, the mutant infront desides its time to move. you on the back of the 300 pound wind sail, have no choice but to follow. As you step off the back of the truck and on to the two 2x8 that can somehow be called a "walkway" leading to the tarp that is the "door" You look down at the 6 foot drop to the frozen ground. Doing some quick math. "I weigh 200lbs, the mutant infront is pushing 280 and the fucking wallboard is 300... just how much can two, inch and a half sticks hold???..... You move on, past the door into the belly of the beast. One step inside and you know something has changed, the 30 degree wall of heat should have been the first clue.... Your body instantly welcomes this sweet warmth by pouring out sweat from every pore. Steping over powertools, cords, studs, and whatever else some dickhead desided to leave sitting around. Making tight ass corners, you almost run as you feel the heat draining the strengh that you didnt even know you had to begain with..... Finally the drop, you set the boards down and sigh, Holy fuck you did it!... With hands free at last you try to get your fingers to work the zipper of your coat.... with that open you head back to the door, you step outside...... Coat wide open, no gloves, and sweat covering your body, you now know your error, what was cold before was only the tip of the iceberg.... One step away from being on your knee's you walk back to the truck, looking at whats left of the pile of drywall on your truck, plus the piles on the truck that just pulled up.... you shake your head...... only about 750 more trips just like that....... your mind is to cold to be sure but you are pretty sure that 10 bucks an hour is not enough for this bullshit.

holy fuck
Posted by Miguel on Feb 03, 2004
Numinous, it sounds like Jessie hooked you up with some proper indo.

As for my worst move, its actually wasn't this past weekend. One of my last moves out of Waterloo was done in a snowstorm and my mom was driving the huge camper van (also known as the Goddess Mobile, and you would know why if you saw it) which is not a good vehicle, and she is not a good driver. So its incredibly shitty weather and she decides to take "a shortcut" that I still don't quite understand where it was. I do know that it was completely iced over and not plowed in any way. I also know that the big camper lost control, skidded around and went flying into a ditch. I was ok, but my moms head was bleeding due to some loose object (I think a log) flying into her. We took refuge in a nice family's home and then had a grand old time watching the tow truck crew try to get this fucking humoungous camper back onto the road and into the towing system.

It took 2 and a half hours.

As for worst job, without a doubt washing dishes for fucking Zyng's noodle house. The scene: the backroom of the restaurant. The Time: 12 am on a Friday. The Person: Stupid Miguel with grease up to his elbows scrubbing and scraping away at assorted fats and wondering why he was doing this for 5.75 an hour plus 10 dollar tips per day if he was lucky. Never never again. Thank god I got the job at Mexx and didn't have to put up with that shit anymore.

Ghetto Boyz
Posted by MDuffy on Feb 03, 2004
If you want some proper indo gimme a shout in guelph dude.
Ill hook you up proper with soma that hydro green.
But anyways I moved into a house with nothing but a bag of clothes
and lived on the landlords couch for a week. The whole time
the landlord was staying upstairs.
The good part is well, my landlord is a 24 year old veteranary clinic
and she is smoking hot.

Posted by Numinous on Feb 03, 2004
muffy why are you not living upstairs with your landlord??

Posted by phduffy on Feb 03, 2004
Mduffy, your landlord is a vetenary clinic?

She must be fucking enormous!

Posted by MDuffy on Feb 04, 2004

You know what I meant dick.