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Forum posts for George W. Bush's Resume

Posted by phduffy on Jan 23, 2004
I have seen this list before, and lists like this make me uneasy. Now, I don't like Bush, but I think that any political discourse should be about the truth. Sometimes that's hard to do, because lots of people think different things, and it's not always clear what's right. But with this list you have:

Good points.
Debatable points and
Outright lies.

Which I think is unfortunate, as in the eyes some people your arguments don't hold any validity if you have to lie about them (ie all 50 states did not go bankrupt). It's for this reason that I don't really like Michael Moore anymore, as I don't want to hear his half truths and conspiracies.

Posted by mike on Jan 23, 2004
I don't know about the valididty of all of the presented facts, but I will say this:

I have no problem with someone lying (and I am not convinced that there are any intentional lies contained, possibly some embelishments on the truth) about a guy who is notorious for lying . Not to mention the cheating and stealing.

Also, tossing around words like "liar" isn't something that I think should be done so lightly. Lying is a pretty harsh term when used in a serious context. Perhaps I misinterpret your tone.

With that said, I think George W. Bush is a fucking liar.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 23, 2004
I disagree with you pretty strongly on that point.

I don't think you can lie about someone and then call them a liar. I think you lose any credibility you had when you do that. People need to hear the truth, and you don't help when you lie about stuff. Now, if you want to call someone a liar and you can back that up, that's different. But you shouldn't lie yourself.

Now, lie can be a strong point. Sometimes there's different viewpoints on things, and sometimes people just make mistakes. It's important to remember that there's a difference between being wrong and lieing. With that said, some of the stuff on that list is an outright lie. The US Treasury Board did not go bankrupt. There is no interpretation of the facts that would allow you to argue that it did.

Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 23, 2004
My little brother (another appearance!) just wrote a paper for school about Micheal Moore's honest. Now that his creative editing and hypocrisies have been revealed, people can quickly dismiss all points made, valid or not. I think he (Alex) determined that the only way anyone will win (because there will be a winner!) is to be armed with the un-edited truth.

As far as Bush in concerned, is it still considered a lie if you are too stupid to realize you are not telling the truth?

Posted by mike on Jan 26, 2004
Good points.

There must first be credibility present before it can be lost.

I would think that a lie would have to be intentional. If you are not aware that you are not telling the truth, then it really isn't a lie. It doens't make whatever was said any more true though.
If someone you trust tells you 1+1=3 and then you tell someone else that and are called on it, the origional person would be more at fault than the second person. Although the second person is still at fault for passing on faulty information, and will receive most of the blame from the third party.

George W. would have to be even more stupid than I give hime credit for if he's walking around saying all the stuff he is saying without knowing that at least some of it is untrue. That's why I think he's a liar.