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Forum posts for Review of My Baby's Daddy

Posted by mike on Jan 16, 2004
Perhaps the asian baby kept missing it's cue so they subbed in the mixed race baby.

I would think that babies would be harder to work with in a movie than animals, but not harder than baby animals. Somehow I doubt that babies would take direction very well.

I didn't even know that this movie existed. I had no plan to see it for that reason, but now I don't plan to see it because it sucks. That and once the review leaves tha main page I will probably forget the movies title and will therefore not see it.

Thanks for taking the bullet Krys.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 16, 2004
Now, I've heard that this movie was based on 3 men and a baby...

But please refresh my memory... In 3MaaB, don't they only have 1 baby? And they don't know whose it is?

And Tom Selleck?

And Hilarity?

Wrong movie
Posted by kris on Jan 16, 2004
First off, Mike, I'm KRIS, not KRYS.....

I had no idea that My Baby's Daddy was based on Three Men and a Baby. That doesn't even make sense. The only thing they have in common is that there are problems when trying to figure out how to raise a baby. The stories are completely different. There is only one baby in TMaaB ,while each guy has his own baby in MBD.
Three Men and a Baby has Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson. Selleck and Guttenberg receive a package for Danson while he's away for work. It ends up being a baby and Selleck and Guttenberg have to learn to take care of it until Danson gets back. Danson has no idea that the package is a baby. When he gets back he has to learn to care for the baby too. At the end of the movie the mother finally comes back, decides that she misses her baby...everyone lives happily ever after until the sequel comes out.

Boy is my face red.
Posted by mike on Jan 16, 2004
Holy shit Krys, you're right.
Sorry about that.

Posted by kris on Jan 16, 2004
Please tell me you called me Krys again on purpose. You're joking right?

Me? Joke? No....
Posted by mike on Jan 19, 2004
I would NEVER make light of a situation as serious and important as this one!!!