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Forum posts for Mike's Ridiculous Adventure January 14, 2004

Posted by mike on Jan 15, 2004
Also, just as another excerpt of my clumsiness filled past month I put forth this story. At least it is short.

I think it was Tuesday. My boss asked me to have one of the shop guys salt the part of the front walkway at work that accesses the office doors.

Not having an amazing amount of work to do I decided that I would undertake this monumentous task all by myself. I went and got the salt and exited the shop via the front walkway (which I was not supposed to salt). I got about 4 metres from the office door and proceeded to do a half monkey-flap into a suspended tilt-a-whirl landing directly on my ass due to the ice on the front walk.

That's right, I fell right on my ass due to a lack of salt while I was walking (with a bag of salt) on my way to salt a different section of walkway.

I then proceeded to apply a half bag of salt to the walkway, approximately twice as much as it required. I also salted the front walkway in its entirety, not just the section in front of the office doors.

In looking back this story was not as short as i thought. I still think it was ironic though.

Posted by mike on Jan 16, 2004
C'mon now, I can't believe that after yesterday's advice I didn't get blasted here.

Where's the baby faces? Where are the boo hoo's & so forth? I am so dissapointed, I thought about it last night and I was so sure I was gonna get gotten. But no!

Boo Hoo
Posted by phduffy on Jan 16, 2004
Mike, pretned you're telling your story.

Right now I'm making baby faces... AND MAKING THE JERKING OFF MOTION!

All at the same time.

That's more like it.
Posted by mike on Jan 16, 2004
I totally forgot about the jerking off motion. Thanks for that.

It would be unnaceptable for me to continually screw up, tell the story, and then not have someone rub my face in it... er... I mean be so sympathetic about it.

Good work, it's nice to see some advice come full circle like that.