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Forum posts for 10 most wanted of 2004

Posted by phduffy on May 04, 2004
Hey Miguel, your number two most anticipated movie of 2004 opens this weekend, are you going to go see it?

I'd like to see a review....

Directors that are better than Pedro Almodóvar:

Quentin Tarantino
Clint Eastwood
Frances Ford Coppola
Martin Scorcese
Ingmar Berman
Stephen Soderbergh

Directors who might be as good:
Peter Jackson
Sam Raimi

Okay, this is harder than I thought, I give up, you win.


Posted by Miguel on May 04, 2004
Cool, I didnt even know you had watched any Almodovar movies. Which ones have you seen?

Ingmar Bergman is dead I think. Clint Eastwood doesn't even come close, and Sodenberg is questionable IMO.

Sam Raimi is fun, but best of all time? Peter Jackson is cool.

And so far out of all my anticipated movies, only Van Helsing seems to be no good (a lot still haven't been released). But it could still be fun in a retarded way!

I doubt it.

But that raises a good point, who would my top 5 directors be?

1. Pedro Almodovar
2. Darren Aronovski
3. Takahashi Miike
4. Martin Scorcese
5. Quentin Tarantino/ Peter Jackson/ Gaspar Noe/ David Lynch/Alejandro González Iñárritu'

Ok, I can get top 4.

Posted by phduffy on May 04, 2004
I gave up, you win.

Ingmar Berman isn't dead though.

He directed a TV movie in Sweden last year that was huge.

Clint Eastwood is so far beyond Almodovar that they shouldn't even be compared.
Nothing Al has done is in the same league as The Unforgiven or Mystic River.*

I wasn't talking about best of all time (Hence no Hithcock or Kirusawa or Leone), just directors working today.

Darren Aronovski = Overated.
David Lynch = Tim Burton for a different crowd

* It's true, I don't really know enough to compare (AKA I'm making stuff up)

The main point was that I don't like comments like Pedro Almodóvar is without any argument one of the top 5 directors in the whole fucking world.
Of course that's not true. It may be true that he's the bestest, but without argument?
Whenever I see the words "Without argument" or "there can be no discussion about this" my flags go up.
Pshaw. (Pshaw is a very good word to use when you're making a point about the lack of defined criteria for something. It's like, the teacher has become the master!)

That's all.
There's really no point to any of this other than to keep me entertained at work.

Fair enough
Posted by Miguel on May 04, 2004

But your bukkake girl love for Clint Eastwood's cinematic ejaculate perplexes me.

He has directed 24 movies. One is excellent: Unforgiven, one is damn good: Mystic River, the rest are mediocre to average.

Not a good batting record.,11456,1082823,00.html

This is a cool list of top directors right now that I think is pretty good. I would take out michael moore however, or simply put him lower.

Tim Burton not = David Lynch

Nothing to do with each other.

Posted by phduffy on May 04, 2004
You can like or dislike Clint Eastwood, but that's not really the point.
(For the record, Eastwood also directed:
High Plains Drifter
Play Misty For Me
The Outlaw Josey Wales
The Bridges of Madison County
A Perfect World
Absolute Power
Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
True Crime
and a bunch of other movies. He knows how to make the Western and Crime movies.)

The point is that you can't put your man Al at the top of the list and say it's unarguable.

Depending on who/where you asked, you'd get all the directors previously mentioned, plus:
The Coen Brothers
Takeshi Takana
John Woo
Ang Lee
Adam Egoyan
Dennis Arcarnd
David Cronenberg
Norman Jewison
etc etc etc.

Not to mention the people on the website you listed. (I was going to mention Spike Jonze earlier, but thought it was too early. And Terence Malick as top 5? That's giving alot of weight to peak value).

Anyways, there's lots of good directors out there.
And what I said was:
David Lynch = Tim Burton for a different crowd
Which I think is true.

Posted by phduffy on May 04, 2004
Really, the only point of this was to ask you if you were going to see Van Helsing.
The rest is just gravy.

But Duffy
Posted by Miguel on May 04, 2004
The gravy is always the best part

Did you know?
Posted by Nerhael on May 04, 2004
There are some pretty damned tasty synthetic gravies out there?

I had one this past easter that I thought was just damned amazing. It and some bread fresh from the oven... Oh my. Was delicious.

Definitely better than real turkey gravy on any given day. Can't remember for sure about genuine beef gravy though. That might still win the day.

Beef Gravy
Posted by Miguel on May 04, 2004
is the blood of Zeus himself, drizzled on the finest roasts for mere mortals to consume.

It is an epicurean delight that cannot be matched.

Posted by Homer Simpson on May 04, 2004

Posted by phduffy on May 04, 2004
To be honest, I've always liked Turkey gravy more than beef gravy.
I don't eat many roasts...

Although, I think my mom probably makes the best turkey gravy in the world, so that probably plays a part.

Posted by Nerhael on May 04, 2004
I always thought that turkey gravy had about 1/5th the flavour found in your average beef gravy. It also made a better gravy for misc stuff like fries, potatoes, and sammiches.