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Forum posts for How to rule the world!11

I think...
Posted by mike on Jan 12, 2004
But... the squirels and the trebuchets are a major part of the defence system. Weren't they?

What if other international pirates try to take over the iceburg?

You ain't gonna let that shit happen is ya?

Posted by phduffy on Jan 12, 2004
I think that the squirrels were for when the prison was on an island and surrounded by 80 foot ice walls. The squirrels are going to generate money for us by deshelling nuts.

As for other pirates....
There are still some details to be worked on.

Posted by mike on Jan 13, 2004
That's right, the squirells were for deshelling nuts. And they would work for nuts! Man those squirrells are like the ultimate nut deshelling work force.

What was the trebuchet for? I vaguely recall something about launching people into (or over) a wall for some reason.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 13, 2004
I think the squirels were going to use the trebuchets to throw nuts into the wall, and then the nuts would break, and the squirels would pick them up.