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Forum posts for News & Other January 8, 2004

what if
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 08, 2004
What if some of the cars were just so old they were useless? A car will eventually reach the point where it's no good, has no more parts to really give away, so get crushed yes no?

what's the problem?
Posted by kris on Jan 08, 2004
You didn't even say the cause for the 4 million deaths. Are you just assuming that they all died in car accidents or is that what you were told? As for the cars...I agree with Nerhael; they must be old heaps of junk.

Posted by mike on Jan 09, 2004
Yeah, the facts given on TV were kind of sketchy. The way they worded it lead me to believe that it was the number of people in total who had died (not just in car accidents).

The way I was thinking about it was that for each car that got scrapped there was at least one car manufactured to replace it, probably more. The differential just didn't work for me. Maybe there is no correlation between the two things and I am confused.

Also, I am concerned about the old heap of junk idea as well. That would indicate (to me, unless I am confused) that recycling of cars has fallen behind and they are in a "catch up" phase. I mean that they are only getting recycling of that huge amount of material up to speed now. I find that disturbing.

In a very small way it seems kind of like that report about how in 50 years 1/4 of the worlds land animal species will be extinct due to global warming. Yowza! That's NFG.

What happened to NFG? I thought it was going to become widespread via the intronet fdsajwoijh