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Forum posts for New Years pictures!!1

Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 08, 2004
no 114 states otherwise crux :Þ

Posted by crux on Jan 08, 2004
ah, but if you look at image #113 (in which i smash myself in the head with a lunch box), and take into consideration the amount of rum in my blood, is it not reasonable to assume that image #114 is the dramatic conclusion of a rather intense performance art piece? ACTING!

Accuracy is the key.
Posted by mike on Jan 08, 2004
Although I have not been able to look at them all yet, those are some of the most accurate New Year's pictures I have seen yet. I especially love the attention to detail is some of them. The obviously intentional blurring seems just like drunk vision. Good work.

I didn't realize how close New Yaer's ended up to Festivus. There were definitely feats of strength. I can't recall an airing of greivances though.

Also I totally can't recall exactly what was going on in most of those pictures. I don't recall dancing, and yet there appears to be at least one picture where I seem to be attempting a dance. I am not counting the "mercy dance" pictures with Schaus. That was clearly part of the feats fo strength and therefore not dancing.

From the looks of things it was good work all around. Beautiful.

well well
Posted by Numinous on Jan 08, 2004
how I have reviewed the tapes.... I've seen the picture.........
still I remember nothing after about 11.... it would seem that I was up...

"what happen?"...