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Forum posts for Pens, Puking, and Props.

Two things
Posted by Nerhael on Jan 07, 2004
Use a pencil.

No worries. I was taken care of a bit myself. So many thanks from me as well. If anyone can explain what I did to either my left hand or my left elbow though, I'd be glad to be enlightened on the subject.

Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 07, 2004
Also no worries,

Someday I will puke my face off and I will make sure to do it when you all are around.

A pencil!
Posted by mike on Jan 07, 2004
A pencil! Dammit, I should have thought of that.

Other suggestions from some people at work have included using a marker. Markers, although not useless, are not very useful for my application.

A pencil will work though in many cases. I have been thinking that perhaps a felt tip pen might work. My suspicion is that the roller ball in the pen seizes up to to low temperature. I believe that it is likely differential expansion (contraction in this case) that is causing me the problem. Like siezing your engine due to overheating (only not at all like that).

but there is a pen...if you're still loo
Posted by kris on Jan 07, 2004
My friend is in parking enforcement....He swears by the Zebra Sarasa 0.7. Supposidly, the thing never'd have to test it out though...

Oh yeah....make it a lead pencil if you go that direction....who wants pencil shavings all over the place?

Posted by mike on Jan 08, 2004
Pens have fancy names now? Zebra Sasarass 2004! Yeehaw!
I think I might look into that. Although I have a bitter hatred of parking enforcement I imagine they have a good potion of the maket cornered when it comes to writing in the cold.

Also sadly I am not proficient in the use of the conventional mechanical pencil. They don't make a lead that's strong enough. I can use either a drafting pencil or a pencil pencil (the sharpening kind). Since I need gloves to prevent my fingers from freezing and falling off I am leaning towards a pencil pencil so that I don't have to work any mechanisms.

whatever you want...
Posted by kris on Jan 08, 2004
If that's the way you want to go mike. Although I have to say, if you write another post complaining that you hate to sharpen pencils I will laugh my ass off.

You say you don't want to work any mechanisms.....what is a pencil sharpener then?
And since you wear gloves....won't that make the task even harder?

Also, I completely agree about parking enfocement, especially those bastards here in Toronto. They'll hear you screaming "i'm coming to pay the meter", they'll see you running, and what do they do? "Here's your ticket ma'am". Bastards!

Stupid pencil sharpeners.
Posted by mike on Jan 08, 2004
Has anyone noticed how stupid pencil sharpeners are? I mean... what's with that crank anyway?!?! Just kidding.

Actually I spend most of my day inside and sharpen pencils there. The gloves only make mechanisms hard to work outdoors. Oddly enough the pencils that I have on my desk seem to not wear out. I think I only need to sharpen them like 3 or 4 times a year. I suppose I use pens most of the time though.

This parking enforcement friend of yours wouldn't happen to be Deniss Street would it? That is the person (guy I would assume) that has signed all of the parking tickets I have got over the Unit 66 years. I know it's his job, but I can still be pissed off. I'm not actually mad at the parking people, just getting the tickets. Mostly I am mad at the complex that I live at. That and the City of Kitchener. Except, for whatever reason, whenever I call and talk to anyone in parking enforcement they end up cacelling my ticket. I should do that more often.

The fact is: usually I am aware that I can get a ticket and I park in a bad place anyway (or sometimes I forget to call the number thing). I deserve every ticket I have ever got (according to the by-laws anyway). It is the by-laws that I hate, and whoever (at the City) approved the town-house complex that I live at.

ha ha ha...
Posted by kris on Jan 08, 2004
Maybe the only reason you sharpen your pencils 3-4 times a year is because you don't use them as often. If you start using them more often, the logical outcome would be that you would have to sharpen them more often. Right?

Have fun with your pencils and sharpeners...and shavings! lol

Posted by kris on Jan 08, 2004
I don't know anyone by the name of Deniss Street...funny though how you remembered his name. You really do receive a lot of tickets. Have you ever figured out how much parking tickets have cost you?

Me, in the last 10 months, i've spent $410. But one of those was a speeding i guess i've only spent $110 on parking tickets....eww..that's pretty bad....