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Forum posts for Apathy or What?

Posted by mike on Jan 07, 2004
There are several explanations for that behaviour that I can think of.

First of all there is that whole thing about how people don't believe things until they try themselves. Like when you used to wait around at school for a class to be open. If the door was locked and you tried it then you know it is locked. When you tell the next person that comes along that the door is locked they seldom believe you, they usually check for themselves (seemingly believing you to be incapable of checking the lockedness of the door). In that way they may have believed it to be futile to bother telling you because you'd check anyway.

Second of all, all of the people could have had a mentality similar to my own. Sadly I pretty much dislike everyone, always, unless I know them pretty well. I dislike talking to or associating with people I have not already talked to or associated with (and enjoyed the experience). I have always been that way, sadly it presents an interesting catch 22. It seems unlikely however that all of the people would think that way.

Thirdly, some people are just assholes. Although there are lots of great people in the world, there are also lots of bad people in the world. Perhaps you were unfortunate enough to meet a large group of them all at once.

Fourth. People in the city are VERY anti-social. That is just how they are. Not that I should be talking or anything.

Fifth. I might have entirely misinterpretted what you are talking about and may subsequently be talking about things that have no relevance to your article.

Sixth. There is no sixth thing, but by typing a rather lenghty paragraph it seems quite possible that people will read it believing that there is more. There however is no more, all of this reading that you have potentially done was just a waste of your time. Your welcome.

While I am thinking of it.
Posted by mike on Jan 07, 2004
This reminds me of an interesting scenario that played out about a month ago.
My Dad really likes talking to people. I have never understood it, but he likes to talk to anyone.
We were coming out of a store here in Kitchener. He gave a woman the old "How are you doing today!", out of the blue, and she looked directly at the ground and shuffled away at high speed. There was not even an aknowledgement that she had heard him. She definitely saw him, before he spoke she looked directly at him. My parents couldn't understand what the hell happened and decided to file it under "City People".

I have seen this more times than I can count. This is just the most recent example. Even I respond to people who talk directly to me. It's only polite.

Wait a minute... since when am I polite?

Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 07, 2004
Maybe it was possible to go throught the door one way but not the other.

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 07, 2004
I saw a few of the people hit the door and turn around. And others hurt me shouting about us being "...trapped like rats in a maze..." and seemed very knowing of what I meant by it.

Posted by cosmicfish on Jan 07, 2004
Then they are just bitches.

Posted by phduffy on Jan 07, 2004
You say people get to the Doors and turn around, and you kept going to the Doors?

What movie'd you see?

WHen do we get a review?

Posted by kris on Jan 07, 2004
Did you return the favour?

Did you tell anyone you saw on their way to the door that it was locked?

Could this whole situation just be a bunch of annoyed people not wanting to say anything because of the first asshole who never bothered to tell anyone that the doors were shut?

just wondering....

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 07, 2004
Yes, I did return the favour. Everyone that was walking towards us was told it was a dead end.

We couldn't see the end of the hallway until the very end, twisty. So didn't know it was a dead end until we got there.

Movie was big fish.

Review may be forthcoming. I've been working on the image album code.

Good work.
Posted by mike on Jan 08, 2004
Excellent work. Be the bigger man and put a stop to the chain reaction of bitter assholedom.

People are funny in large groups.

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 08, 2004
Yeah, I don't know where I first heard about herd mentality, but good god does it seem to apply to just about everything. People claim individuality, but never seem to want to shout it out for small things like that. "No one else did it, why should I?"