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Forum posts for Restaurant Ideas

Posted by phduffy on Jan 06, 2004
Okay, here's a cool idea I got while I was in Europe that I haven't seen here.

In Ireland they have these restaurants they call "pubs" .

They serve Guiness and sometimes have a band, and the food is like Bangers and Mash, fish n' chips, etc.

I think that's a cool idea I'd like to see them start in Canada. Somewhere you could get a burger, fries, beer, etc, that's not fast food.

Like Kelsey's, Casey's, East Sides, Caribou Creek, Crabby Joes, Jack Astors, Montana's, but with a band! THat plays Irish tunes!

lord i am sick of pubs
Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 06, 2004
Just about every other bar in toronto labels itself a 'pub'....
pub food is expensive.. and the variation on the menu is low
the beer is even more expensive.. i have paid 17 dollars for a 48 ounce pitcher of beer.. when no strippers were present...

all the firkins... there are like 18 of them
the devils advocate... they have cheap good prime rib... which is nice
the library....
the REX... but it has jazz..
the duke of kent
the manchester arms
the bishop and the belcher
the rose and crown

just to name a few...

and they all have these gay (i mean stupid not homosexual.. well maybe a little homosexual)... names.. blarg..

asian-style cafeterias are my new favourite... and korean bars.. they fucking kick ass.. cheap.. and food comes with your drinks automatically.. they are figured into the already fucking cheap price of beer..

try korean-style eatery.. with perhaps a more north-american style of food.. (stuff that isn't dog.. or pig intestines.. or live octopus.. and something that doesn't smell as bad as the aforementioned do..)

i'll tell you more about what korean eating is all about if you email me.. my email address is on the 'users' tab ..

but shit matt use that there brain of yours.. come up with something new.. smoke some green and see where it takes you.. some of the best ideas come from people with a diminished capacity for thought...

look at Ray Kroc he dropped out of high school.. and he was 52 when he opened McDonald's .. so he was perhaps dumb.. and old.. so rock and roll..

mix it up
Posted by mike on Jan 06, 2004
How about mixing things up a bit. A restaurant where the food eats you!

After reading that I am not sure why I thought it was funny. In fact I am begginning to think that I saw that on TV or something.

How about a restaurant where you can eat whatever the hell you want.
-egg rolls
-a chicken ceasar pita
-a nice steak
-whatever that thai food I ate that time was
-chicken fingers

Wait! How about a restaurant where you kill your own food. No.. no.. not many people would want to do that. Plus meat has to season and stuff, you'd have to order like a week in advance.

How about a restaurant where you eat a bunch of wild animal meat. And some crazy vegetables.
No wait. Then we'd end up killing a bunch of stuff we probably shouldn't. And I don't know what I meant by "crazy vegetables".

So to answer you're question:
I don't know.

Poster # 2
Posted by phduffy on Jan 06, 2004
I think your sarcasm detector is broken.

Another thing
Posted by phduffy on Jan 06, 2004
The fact that you say that pubs are expensive in Toronto is just another thing that brings out my hate of TO.
Pubs should be cheap, decent food and beer. And that's what they are in Waterloo. (And Hanover too actually). I think I need to get even madder and smash things now.

duffy you fool
Posted by alltogethernow on Jan 06, 2004
no one in their right mind could have mistaken your first post for anything but sarcasm.. my detector is just fine..

i was just expressing my opinion on the topic of the previous poster.. as people do from time to time in forum discussions....

i dunno...
i think my biggest pet peeve when going to any restaurant is that they always just say 'pitcher' - 12 dollars or whatever.. when pitchers usually come in several sizes..

32, 48, or 60.... and the ultra uber rare 140 oz

now if you are getting a 60 oz pitcher for 12 dollars that is good.. if you are getting a 32 oz pitcher for 12 dollars that's bad.. and you never really know until you order it.. unless you go to the bar and confirm what size of pitchers they actually have.. and those mother fuckers can be tricky...

and don't get me wrong there are some good pubs in toronto like The Black Swan.. 10 dollar 60 oz pitchers.. a la peel pub.. (another kickass spot.. as long as you go mid-afternoon...)

i don't really know what my point is.. here.. i just wanted to let duffy know that I KNEW he was being sarcastic.. .. i ain't THAT thick....

well peace out..

I don't know if this is possible but....
Posted by kris on Jan 07, 2004
Okay, so have you ever been to a restaurant where the chefs cook right in front of you, or where you get to help cook your own food? It's great fun, and i've seen people of all ages enjoy it. Here are a couple of examples:

1. Tepanyaki - The Japanese restaurant where they have a huge stove infront of a group of people. They get all the ingredients to cook everyones orders and put on a little show while they do it. They throw their knives around, put things on fire....kinda like they do in greek restaurants with the sambuka and cheese.

2. Korean Barbeque - The waitress or waiter bring out all the food that you need to make your meal. On a hot plate that is built into the table you are able to fry, boil, etc, your food. It's kinda like fondue except you can cook a larger variety of foods

3. Fire & Ice - (endorsed by the Bodybreak couple Hal Johnson and Joanne Mc...somthing or other). Here, the customer chooses a meat (fish, chicken, steak, or seafood), they then go to a huge buffet table lined with any kind of vegetable imaginable, you then choose your seasoning. You give it to a friendly chef waiting to put your "meat" order together with your veggie choices . After you give it to him, you go to another table and choose your carb (rice, potatoes, noodles, bread). By the time you get back to your table you have an appetizer waiting for you. And by the time you finish your appetizer, your meal is hot off the fire ready for you to enjoy.

I don't know if anything like this is possible in your school's restaurant...but maybe they can give you some ideas. Good Luck!

Trying to be helpful
Posted by mike on Jan 07, 2004
Hal Johnson and Joanne McCloud. Not sure on spellings, just that that is their names.

Body Break!