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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for March 21st, 2011!

Curling - What Really Happened
Posted by c.smallz on Mar 23, 2011
Pretty much all of Duffy's memory of the event was true - but this is how I remember the last end.

It was madness out there for the other team - they could feel the mounting pressure of an insurgent attack at any moment. Yes. The same team that they had shamed in Game 2 of the season by aggressively sweeping in a 4th stone when they were already up like 10-1 was now about to possibly beat their ass a second week in a row.

Glued to the windows were the other two teams - they all new who the real winners were.

Duffy calmly locked in - and with a bit of a sweep here and there - he bumped their rock in the last round and we stuck 3 in the paint for the points.

The playoff was a forgone conclusion - we played to curling tradition - they played like they really cared to win.

In the end - our letting up was less of a sign of being tired and more of a moment of teaching of what real sporting ethics is about.

Duffy's shot had come up 6 inches short - but our victory was unmeasurable in feet or inches.

Onwards and forwards great friends - to the final frontier - there is no time and space that won't be touched by our curling apocalypse.

Next week's game will not be one between two last place teams - but rather a game of champions - fought over and battled the way curling was always meant to be played.

Get swept up in the fun of the game.

Posted by Katie on Mar 24, 2011
Beautiful! You should have written that article!