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Forum posts for Ideas for a Media Centre?

Posted by crux on Aug 04, 2010
I've never used the browser on the PS3, but I can imagine it's a pain in the ass. Still that would make more sense than buying a PC just for streaming web content to the TV. On the other hand, you have a lot of friends who have built a lot of computers. If all you want it to do is have an internet connection and run a web browser, it's entirely possible I have enough spare parts myself to put something together for you. It wouldn't be much more than that though.

Posted by fanoom on Aug 05, 2010
I don't know anything about the PS3.

I have two sticks of something or another DDR in the basement that Seth gave me. I have another GB of my own, that has one for sure defective stick so only 500mb that works. I also have an old CPU/MB that will run that shit (it's slow 1.8ghz single core athalon, but will work for that). The hitch is that it doesn't have HDMI output, and only base sound, so if you have any kind of system, you're on your own with it. I likely have a low wattage PSU as well kicking around. You're on your own for a case, I'm going to use my spare on for my own media center once I break down and buy a new HD and OS for my current computer.

I do have an old radeon video card that could be used, I can't remember if it has HDMI though, it's very doubtful, it will have the uhhh... DVI(?) output though. After all that, I am willing to give that to you, or if you feel in the giving mood, some DDR2 would be super keen.

I do have an actual poweredge server in the basement that could likely be retrofited into a media server, it's got a nice and quiet cooling system/PSU... Also has tape backup! and SCSI drives! I really should do something with that beast.

Posted by fanoom on Aug 05, 2010
OS discussion... I know you're a cheap bastard, so it has two Linux based systems in there...

Posted by Katie on Aug 09, 2010
Media centres are my specialty!

No, but really, what I've been hearing lately is that people are using the iPad, and/or Mac Mini as a media centre. Talk to Palmer, he might have some wise input. I believe he was previously using the PS3 and is not using the mac mini.

Posted by Katie on Aug 09, 2010
now using

Posted by fanoom on Aug 30, 2010
Dude, I'm not sure if you'll ever read this again or not, but I'll post anyways...

Last week I built a media center, it was actually very easy. With a stick of newly purchased ram, an HDMI cable, and an ethernet cable I had the bastard up and running on a very old pre service pack 1, XP pro install on a hard drive that I found in the corner of my basement. I'm running BOXEE as my platform, and it seems pretty good and straight forward, I haven't explored it very much, also if you have an ipod touch, you can use that as a remote control with that program now(although I haven't figured that out yet).

At any rate, I still have enough "fixen's" to build most of a system. MB, CPU, PSU, RAM, GPU, I think I have a DVD player kicking around, I may be wrong, you would definately need a case, old mouse and keyboard or something, a hard drive and a working OS would help too.

Like I said, I had a HD laying around with a copy of xp pro (likely not legit) so I didn't need to go the linux way. You're welcome to my working scraps if you want them. I'd suggest a can of compressed air, and some new CPU paste to go with 'em though.

Oh, and I found a DVI to HDMI adapter kicking around too. I'd imagine your TV is new enough to support the audio side of HDMI (mine wasn't). I also have some splitters to split it down to component video if that was the approach you wanted to take. At any rate, all these goodies are at your disposial, hell at anyone's that wants 'em. After going through essentially 4 computers I had laying in the basement, I've come to the realization that they should be used for something. I'm just low on hard drives, and OS's.