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Forum posts for What the hell...?!@!?!?!

Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 15, 2010

I watched the first debate and honestly, they all seem like shit.

I was surprised that I found Joe Pantalone the best of the bunch. His answers were at least reasonable and often were along the lines of "hey Toronto is a big, extremely diverse city. Let's try to make everyone happy, or at least not piss anyone off".

Posted by phduffy on Jun 16, 2010
I need to do some more research before deciding on a candidate. There's a woman, whose name I don't remember, but used to run a magazine or something, who I thought had good ideas. No money to pay for them though.

That said, if it looks like it's going to be close come election time, i'll vote for whomever looks like they can beat Rob Ford.

Posted by alltogethernow on Jun 16, 2010
Rob Ford looks like the blowhard he is.. he'd be the fucking worst thing for this city I can imagine...