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Forum posts for Advice of the day for April 30, 2010

Posted by Katie on Apr 30, 2010
Maybe we just don't die as often in Toronto? Is that possible?

Posted by Katie on Apr 30, 2010
That probably doesn't really work.

Maybe in Toronto we die much more horrible deaths so that our organs aren't useful anymore???

I don't know....seems random to be able to single Toronto out.

Maybe more people are coming to Toronto hospitals who need transplants because the quality of care here is higher, so while the number of ppl willing to give up their organs is the same, the number of people who need them is higher??

That works.

Posted by phduffy on Apr 30, 2010

No, Toronto specifically has fewer people who sign organ donor cards.

Ethnic diversity was cited as a possible reason (ie, some cultures do not approve of organ donation).

Posted by Katie on May 03, 2010
But how do they know who signs their cards? If they're only looking at people who die, isn't that a little biased?

Should I just read the article?

Posted by phduffy on May 03, 2010

That's probably a good idea, I don't remember the methodology.

Posted by Nerhael on May 03, 2010
Why is only looking at people who die biased? Everyone dies, so isn't that a fair sample criteria ultimately?