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Forum posts for Paintball/Keg

Posted by fanoom on Mar 30, 2010
Alternatively we could substitute road hockey for paintball.

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 30, 2010
I'd be in for either. I think doing it before it get's too warm is important though. So late April, early May would be best?

Posted by fanoom on Mar 30, 2010
April doesn't work, keep in mind sub zero temps still happen in April for the most part... Even in May it isn't uncommon for it to be like 5 or 6 at night.. I know you want to avoid bugs, but we could totally be prepared this time around with some insect repellent...

But I'm flexible...

Posted by alltogethernow on Mar 30, 2010
You guys should really talk to Matt ... he already has plans for the same

For... his brother-in-law's bachelor.. he loved kevin's so much he wants the same.. though I think the Keg was supposed to be at some farm instead of the lake.

Talk to the man :)

Posted by Nerhael on Mar 30, 2010
Eh, it's the bug/just being way too warm wearing the extra clothing to keep skin covered.

Posted by crux on Apr 01, 2010
I for one support this thread and the idea it puts forward. I really enjoyed paintball. I love kegs, lakes, and steaks. And I think if I avoid the Jagger I might be able to avoid puking and falling down and cutting my ear while pissing in the woods.

As for when? I'm flexible. If I'm not taking time off from work to do this, then most any weekend will work.

Posted by Miguel on Apr 01, 2010
Miguel "The Hyena" Pacheco is reporting for duty.

No long weekends, but other than that I would be up for almost any time. I think towards late May is best, as I dont want to be freezing my ass off.


Posted by fanoom on Apr 01, 2010
I'll do as Trev suggested and talk to Matt. However, I'm fairly certain us crashing a bachelor party may be frowned upon... Plus I never enjoy being told to "take it easy" when it comes to having a good time.

End of May works pretty good, the weekend of the 29th is what I'm thinking (weekend after May 24). The real problem will be getting together the 16ish people that we would need to fill out the teams. I think it was 16...

We could always go about this a different way... Keep an eye out for a sale on paintball guns, buy ourselves one of our choosing, and go at it at the lake.

I am more partial to Miguel "Crotch Shot" Pacheco...

Posted by Miguel on Apr 01, 2010
YOu and I both know that the buying of own guns option is simply not going to happen.

Its not just the guns, its ammo, masks etc....I'd honestly prefer to just pay the $75 bucks or $100 bucks to do it right....

Plus lets not forget the BUSES OF DOOM!!!!! Loved that shit.

Posted by Nerhael on Apr 02, 2010
Was there a minimum number of people required? Is that the 16? If so, I could possibly manage to shame a few other people into coming maybe. Would just need to give them a place to stay.

Figure I could get 1-2 people from SAB, but would likely need to start working on them sooner than later.

Posted by fanoom on Apr 02, 2010

Posted by Miguel on Apr 05, 2010
It looks from the pricing scheme that there is no difference between 10 or 16 will still be 30 bucks a person. THe only thing is that 5 on 5 may not be as fun in the bigger fields as 8 on 8.

It really doesnt matter if I'm up against 5, 8 or 80, you're all going down.

Posted by fanoom on Apr 05, 2010
Talked to Matt, tentative date is set for May 29, keg will take palce at Ambrose's place over by Ayton...

He wanted to do it for May 24, but since you guys basically said no to that I pushed for the week after, I'll get on him again to finalize things this week.

Posted by fanoom on Apr 20, 2010
Was informed yesterday that this is not going to happen now. Am lining up an alternative date that will likely interfer with Schaus' normal birthday plans.

Posted by fanoom on Apr 22, 2010
This forum format drives me nuts, I'm not sure how many people will see this after it gets bumped off the index... Anyways... Slight change in plans. Kevin's Birthday is in July, and on July 24th we're going to have a party for him. Which will involve, you got it. Paintball, a keg, a lake, and a fire.

So... Book that weekend off too, it will not be interfering with Schaus' Bloor Street Birthday Party, since that is the week before. Also, did I mention, free beer? Oh yeah, this guy who runs the paintball place is shutting down("retiring") after this summer. So this likely won't be happening again in Hanover.

Pass the word around. Also, bring the wives/girlfriends. Lets make this a nice party. It is Kev's 25th?!

Posted by Miguel on Apr 26, 2010
I got it bud don't you worry!

This is going to be awesome!!! One last fucking huge paintball hurrah before that place disappears. I am going to give Kevin some extra paintball love as it is his birthday. Wait wasnt the last one for his bachelor party?

Miss you sweetheart, thanks for organizing all this!

P.S Muqu and I are going up to Hanover for the Canada long weekend as well! DRIVE IN STYLES