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Forum posts for Gillette TV Ads

Posted by Katie on Jan 26, 2010
Well, the other Gillette ad (I think it's Gillette) also for a razor, where the razor is hoisted up in the same way a car would be in a garage, and they're discussing how the cars fine but the blades need replacing....???....that one is pretty dumb too.

So Gillette - 3 for 3. Keep em coming.

Posted by Nerhael on Jan 26, 2010
Yeah, saw that one last night too. Am somewhat concerned. Does their marketing research show that people are too fucking stupid to know to swap out stuff like that?

Are they taking the approach that it's everyone's first day shaving?

Posted by Numinous on Jan 26, 2010
dude have you been outside....

people ARE to fucking stupid to know things like that....

they need to be told everything.... people between the ages of 20-60 will have no idea that the bulb in there reading lamp can and will burn out over time...

"I dont understand this lamp has worked for 5 years then last week it just stopped"
"Whats wrong with it, does it need a new switch? new wiring? maybe a new socket?"
"I dont know anything about these things.... fix it"
"...... did you try a new bulb?"
"what do you mean?"