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Forum posts for x-mas tunage

Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 13, 2003
i hate christmas music.. it really makes me sick to my stomach...

i can't stand walking into every fucking store and hearing some variation of a terrible old standard christmas tune...


the horror... the horror

Posted by cosmicfish on Dec 13, 2003
thank you for your passionate and constructive critisism

Christmassy. Is that a real term?
Posted by mike on Dec 13, 2003
I've heard of that before. I heard on the radio the other day that some people that work at stores during Chrismas get really stressed out because they are almost physically sick of hearing repetiotive Christmas jingles.

I personally don't mind most of it. I figure it's only for about 10 days of the year (less than 3 -1/3% if my brain is currently processing correctly) and it's part of the whole event which on the whole seems to make people happy.

What about
Posted by phduffy on Dec 13, 2003
Santa Claus is a fat fuck by ICP?

Blank Cds hold 17 songs...
Posted by phduffy on Dec 13, 2003
So we need some more suggestions...

great choices
Posted by Katie on Dec 13, 2003
I don't have specific songs to add, I'm not good at names. But Elvis did a great Christmas CD, as did the good ol' Nylons.

Santa Baby by Marilyn Monroe?? Although that song is getting horribly overplayed this season.

Merry Christmas everyone!

you must have
Posted by Ophelia on Dec 14, 2003
the First Noel. The version that I listen to at work sounds like it is sung by Crash Test Dummies, and some other females. It is very soothing, and it's great to sing along and harmonize with. The looks received from customers when joining in, is rather humorous as well.
Full of good times!

Posted by phduffy on Dec 16, 2003
I think you want Let it Snow by Frank Sinatra.

I don't really get Sinatra. Like, listen to his songs.

Doesn't it sound like he's kind of playing with you?

While you're dancing away, he's kissing your gf, turning around, giving you the gun, and then kissing her again.

Actually, that's awesome.