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Forum posts for Who would win in a fight?

Posted by fanoom on Dec 02, 2009

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 02, 2009
See, I think that's who 'should' win in a fight, as he's a much more flexible robot.

But yeah, R2D2 always seems to learn new shit randomly. Flying with jets, zapping shit, etc. I think he could win through robot smarts.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 02, 2009

I think Wall E just needs to run up some stairs, R2 has no defence against that.

Posted by alltogethernow on Dec 02, 2009
Ahhh yes... stairs.. the dalek defence

Posted by fanoom on Dec 02, 2009
R2 just doesn't have what it takes to finish off Wall-E, has no way to grapple, has a flimsy grapple, sorta has legs? He's really a poor example of what a robot could be, where as Wall-E will crush R2D2 after dismantling him.

Robot smarts will only go so far in a fight. Brute strength will likely always win the day.

Posted by weberm1 on Dec 04, 2009
i'm a little late adding to this, but R2D2, all the way. he's got more experience.

and yeah, wall-e can run up stairs, but i wouldn't consider that winning a fight. unless he were to jump from the top of the stairs and land on R2D2.

but, i stick by my answer.