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Forum posts for Question

Posted by Nerhael on Nov 20, 2009
The iPod touch and the Kindle aren't really in the same arena competition wise.

The Kindle is really meant to be something you read books on. Where as the touch is something you 'can' read books on I suppose.

The Kindle uses a special screen that's meant to be easy on the eye, as it has zero backlighting, making it more like reading actual paper.

I'm actually in Hanover this weekend, and if you have some time, I can drop by with a Sony e-reader, to show you what the Kindle would be 'like' in terms of reading. It's obviously not 100% the same, but the idea is similar, and the screens should share some of the reading friendly properties.

Posted by phduffy on Nov 20, 2009


Also, go to and search for shortcovers. It's their e-reading software - it will let you buy and read books on your iTouch (or blackberry or Android).

Posted by Mona on Nov 20, 2009
thanks Pete, I know what the dfiference is, or are ... I just meant I'm a sucker for technology and I buy stuff I only use a little bit of.

I have some audiobooks on the iPod and I do like them but it depends on who is reading. To me, obama is a snore after
10 minutes, Timothy Leary yells and rants and Carrie Fischer whines. So audiobooks are ok but I think I like to just read. While I still can ;-)

I have a feeling it's another piece of technology I'll barely use. I'd probably be better off just giving the money to my kids. (HA!)