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Forum posts for The Future of The Wolfshack

In agreement
Posted by Nerhael on Dec 11, 2003
I'm in agreement with this. The "Links" category was too long in the coming, but now that it's here, will be good. My goal with this site was to have content that was suitable for anyone really. And a lot of it lately has been very specific to our group of friends personally.

I recognize that this is a good place for notices etc, as it seems most people read regularly, but let's start putting that stuff into the H-town cat, which will slowly be migrated and filter from the first page, which I think might undergo a complete facelift.

We're listed on google now, and I for one would love to see an anonymous stranger post at some point. To me that would be an achievement. But when the majority of front page content is personal, people prolly wouldn't read much.

I realize that I haven't actually posted an article yet. Which is inexcuseable. I think once a week should be doable, so will look to make posts over the weekend.

I hope that when I do post, I can keep my train of thought on rail, as lately, seems like my paragraphs dont' really flow well in terms of sense. Maybe that's just me.

Posted by cosmicfish on Dec 11, 2003
I agree as well. I would however, prefer to post music reveiws.

Posted by mike on Dec 11, 2003
I was unaware of the intent of the Wolfshack.

Pete as a suggestion perhaps your first article could be a mission statement for the Wolfshack. Perhaps you could not try to have your paragraphs make sense, this could add hilarity.

So can someone clarify for me:
Are we still allowed to write whatever we want whenever we want or not?

This has brought up something I have been thinking about for a while now, what happenned to Ion Cannon Baked Potato? Wasn't that for Hanover events? I have lost the link to it somehow, does it still exist?

The internet is a confusing place. Little help.

Perhaps there could be a totally independant page for Hanover and group related stuff. A secret door if you will. My company website has something like that. Maybe if you click on the "h" in Wolfshack you can be taken to a different board for group related content.

Posted by Nerhael on Dec 11, 2003
Your random posts are good mike. It's just misc madness.

It's posts about what everyone is doing friday that I'd prefer to see moved into the H-Town category. As for the independant page, that's very doable. I could just make the one category viewable only by people from hanover.

I've been meaning to create a page with everyone's phone numbers etc so that when we want to lookup a phone number, it's there. So would have to have some support for that anyway, as I don't really want that page available to everyone.

Posted by mike on Dec 11, 2003

I would think that a page for Hanover would be great that could be accessed through special means only to prevent some ass from putting us all of a mailing list.

You know those lists that telemarketers have. Although dicking around with telemarketers is fun sometimes, on the whole it is not enjoyable to be bothered all the time.

Posted by phduffy on Dec 12, 2003
cosmicfish, that's great.

My stuff was just suggestions on what people should post. I'd love to see movie/concert reviews here or whatever. I'm not very hip to music any more (not that I ever was), and I'd like to see other people's opinion. Lately I've been listenting to some parilament/funkadelic, that's some good stuff.

Posted by nszyngie on Dec 12, 2003
was that due to my suggestion? I kept checking the Music forum for a response to my music suggestions for your 'funk' cd, but sadly, nothing.
Just curious . . .

As for the future of the Wolfshack, I joined because I am a subscriber to teh advice of the day. I don't post much here because lots of the posts (lately) seem to be something for 'insiders' . . . Wolfshacks greatest fear.

When a controversy sparks my interest - I will add my 2 cents.
But this whole "back up your argument", do you expect that from people who comment on the Canadian economy, the war in Iraq or how the Leafs are playing? I thought people were allowed to voice opinions without having to support their influences . . . I dunno . . . I would hate to lug a stack of books to the next party I go to just to support my argument.

(this is all in good fun . . .)

Posted by phduffy on Dec 12, 2003
I was going to get We got the Funk, and your post gave me other suggestions.

I was actually thinking about you when I made the original post.
You've posted an impassioned defence of the Sega Masters system, among others. How would you feel when you read about our weekend plans? Probably bored and less likely to post.

As for backing up your argument, I overspoke. I don't need citations or anything, but at least tell me why you're pissed off, and/or why something's wrong. Simply stating that you don't like something isn't much of a post. That might cut it in the forum, but not on the main page.