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Forum posts for Advice of the Day for August 14th, 2--0!

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 14, 2009
A quote from Metafilter.

Carrying the homophobe card doesn't make you a repressed homosexual. But a quote like ...

Why is this one vice singled out for awe and reverence and glorification? Why is it that the lack of self control in sexual matters, where self control is paramount, is held to be immaculate and beyond reproach, whereas the lack of self-control when it comes to something trivial smoking tobacco is scorned?

... sure as hell does. It was blink-worthy. It sounds as if he thinks that everyone is just on fire with the urge to get their gay on, and must bravely abstain. As if every placid, pipe-carrying Ward Cleaver, after a couple of wine coolers, is going to wolf out, howl once, then tear their cardigans in half to reveal a leather harness and begin humping the leg of the hairiest thing within reach. That is what repression looks like, the projection of your own urges and disgust with them onto everyone else.
posted by adipocere at 12:04 PM on August 13

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 14, 2009
Re: Anti-homosexual

A few weeks ago a gay couple was arrested for kissing in this big garden between the LDS business center and the main LDS temple. The church bought the street that runs between these two places and turned it into the garden, but when they bought it, it was stipulated that the rules must not change it must remain a public place with the same rules for any public park.

I don't really like to see anyone making out but they clearly were just picking on the gay couple. We went there one night when my siblings were visiting and there were at least ten young (unmarried!) LDS couples making out within a 100m radius.

It makes me so angry! There is a protest, a 'Kiss-In' tomorrow. I am totally going to get my gay on there.

Posted by bryan on Aug 14, 2009
LDS sounds like a disease of some kind.

Is there some sort of mark they display in public to differentiate themselves?

Also, F DC.

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 15, 2009
Usually they look should be in Noxema commercials, and sometimes you can see their garment lines through their clothes.

Posted by phduffy on Aug 15, 2009

THis is awesome, here's his wife talking about race. Seriously, read this. It's amazing!