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Forum posts for Review of the August Issue of Toronto Life

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 06, 2009
Well, the one thing to consider is do they mean you as an individual make 150k/year? Or do you as a household? I'd suspect they mean household, which likely would encompass a lot more people than the demographic of individuals making that.

Posted by Nerhael on Aug 06, 2009
I think veering away from this 'everything' type format will be better in the future. Leading with this to introduce the sections of the magazine is good, but then in the future, just highlight the 'awesome' or 'wtf'. Like, who the hell are Harry Hamlin and Lisa Rinna??

Posted by Miguel on Aug 06, 2009
James Chatto, who reviews the restaurants in Toronto Life is probably the least useful critic in the city. He champions overpriced, hyped up places and he never ever hides his identity, which of course means he gets the best service in town. At least Joanne Kates in the Globe, who is also pretty insufferable, tries to keep her identity a secret.

Posted by phduffy on Aug 06, 2009

I don't have access to Toronto life's demographic info, but my take is that they think each reader makes 150k a year, so 300k a year per household.

Yeah, I'll probably mention the features and then any WTF that shows up in the regular stuff.

James Chatto does love Nota Bene, so that's one good thing about him, as Nota Bene's clearly head and shoulders above the rest of the city's new restaurants.

His top 10 was pretty weird though. Canoe was number 1... seemed like his top 10 was from 2003, not 2008.

Posted by c.smallz on Aug 06, 2009

big ups to this review.

favorite part was that the cito article got most words (:

and pleeeease don't give richard florida any other reason to spew his gentrifying vomit onto our streets. i was actually under the assumption that he was dating mayor miller as well...they seem to be in bed together a lot.

anyhow. great review.

Posted by Miguel on Aug 06, 2009
To me, Nota Bene is not clearly heads and shoulders above the cities new restaurants.

And this is from a guy who thought David Lee made Splendido the best restaurant in Toronto, if not Canada.

This year I've had better meals at Grace, Union, Blacktree (my new fave resto around, but its in Burlington). Heck, even Libretto gave me more joy.

Theyre clearly doing something right, so I think I need to give them another chance, as I think the place was waaaaaay too hyped up for me initially.

Posted by phduffy on Aug 06, 2009

I actually added the Nota Bene love specifically for Miguel. Now, Nota Bene is unquestionably the best new restaurant in Toronto,but Miguel is always raving about Pizzariea Libretto. So, I went to Libretto and thought it was fine, but nothing spectacular. Next time I spoke with MIguel I let him know this. So after he goes to Nota Bene, he calls me to to let me know that he thought it was a good, but not great, restaurant, because he's pissed about me not liking Libretto.

So anyways, I made that quote as bait for Miguel. :)

Posted by phduffy on Aug 06, 2009

Oh yeah, I meant to add, Nota Bene is not hyped nearly enough

Posted by Miguel on Aug 07, 2009
Hahahaha, is that really how the timing worked out? I didn't remember that, I swear to god above it had nothing to do with it. I love David Lee, and I wanted to love Nota Bene but for whatever reason it didn't work out for me. Muqu didn't enjoy it too much either, you can check with her.

Like I said I want to go again, because I'm pretty sure I just caught them on an off day, and a place that's this consistently raved about has to be doing something right.

Posted by MDuffy on Aug 07, 2009
How is union? I would like to get there

Posted by cosmicfish on Aug 10, 2009
Not relevant to Toronto but the "Best of Article" made my think of something here.

Once a year a paper here does "The Best of Utah", but it is such a joke. Every single place I go into has a "Best of Utah Something", like they are making up categories so they don't exclude anyone, like when every one gets ribbons in grade school for participation.

I have seen Best Japanese Value Meal, Best Sporty Salads (wtf?), Best Breakfast for Newcomers, Best Argentine Pizza (I can't believe there is more than one), and Best Retro Crepes.